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Capcom drops new interactive Resident Evil 2 trailer: The choice is yours

Who will you follow? Leon or Claire?

With less than a week until the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom have teased fans with an interactive video trailer. The trailer, appropriately named "The choice is yours leaves viewers the task of making critical decisions during progression of the trailer. It can be a very difficult decision with both characters having their own pro's and con's, take too long however and of course you're dead!

Last week Capcom also teased fans of the much anticipated return of a cult classic, by offering players the chance to try the game in the form of their "One shot, 30 minute" demo. In this demo players are tasked with the challenge of surviving the nightmare that is Raccoon City Police Station. If players were able to finish the mission in less than their 30 minute allocation, they can restart until their entire 30 minutes is up. If players were to die during the 30 minutes, they may continue until the entire 30 minutes is up. According to Capcom "In the demo players step into the boots of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy as he arrives at Raccoon City Police Station in the ultimate worst first day on the job. Leon must survive vicious zombies and solve tricky puzzles to find a safe passage out of the station. With an entire building of flesh-eating nightmares lurking between Leon and his escape while the clock ticks down, players need to be sure they are killing more than just time."

The demo is still available to download from the Xbox, PS4 and PC stores. But as for the interactive trailer, why don't you try it yourself here...

So what was your outcome in the video above? Does all that intrigue get you excited for whats to come when the game lands on the 25th?


Written by Gaming Australia.

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