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DualShock 5 Can “Correct” Haptic Feedback Levels for Each Game

According to a recent patent, DualShock 5 will have a “vibration control apparatus” that will communicate with a “vibration control section” to vary the vibrational levels for each game or in-game action. DualShock 5 will take a step beyond the older whirring weights of DualShock 3 and 4, with additional levels of intensity. Hence, developers will have more freedom to play around with haptic feedback on the next-generation controller.

DualShock 5 will also feature adaptive triggers that developers can program to offer varying levels of resistance. Allowing players to differentiate between certain actions like drawing an arrow or tap-firing a rifle. These adaptive triggers will possibly be using a magnetic fluid that can either soften or harden nanoparticles inside. The game will simply signal the fluid in the controller to adjust the tension of the adaptive triggers based on whatever in-game action.

If all of this tech, and possibly even a touchscreen, is being packed into the controller of the next generation, we can only imagine what were going to see from the console announcement, hopefully coming this month!

Luke Nixon

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