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Far Cry 5 Review

With the upcoming release of Far Cry New Dawn we thought it was time to take a look back at Far Cry 5. We here at Gaming Australia are excited to get our hands on the latest instalment of the Far Cry series and looking back at its predecessor its easy to see why.

Far Cry 5 is a journey into a rural area of Montana, United States, although there is something particular strange about this place. This isn’t just an ordinary bible belt, it is home to a fanatical doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate. Led by the Seed family, the ‘peggies’ want to carve out a chunk of land for themselves, where they can fully enjoy their freedom and guns. And this is where you step in.

As a government soldier, you are tasked with going down into this area and taking on the cult and building a resistance. Although there generally is a story, like its predecessors, Far Cry is all about the open world experience. Along your travels you will unlock missions that need to be completed, but you overall have the freedom to do whatever you please. Between stories missions you’ll be attacking bases and taking on side missions to regain control of areas, and bring in the resistance.

To make this journey ever more fun, you’ll be slowly gaining access to an impressive list of vehicles that include cars, ATVs, trucks, vans, and pickups with mounted machine guns. That’s only the start! You will also have access to helicopters, and yes some of these are weaponised. Other aircraft like airplanes and seaplanes are also available. Jet skis and boats are also there when you feel like traversing through the water. Every trip to the next mission will always be another moment where you decide, what’s the most fun way to get there?

Improving your character is via the perk system, where you earn unlock points by completing challenges such as killing a certain number of enemies with specific types of weapons. As you progress through the story missions you also unlock access to certain NPC's that can follow you around and fight with you. Even regular resistance fighters, all with unique skills, can also be recruited to help you in your battles. Of course, you can play coop with a real human also.

Of course, it is a shooter, so we must talk about that side of things. The guns and gunplay is very good and satisfying. The staples are all there, such as pistols, shotguns, SMG's, rifles and sniper rifles. There are also machines guns, which can be very handy when you have aircraft trying to mow you down. You can also entertain yourself with melee weapons, a compound bow, grenades, C4, dynamite, RPG's and rocket launchers.

On top of the base game you also have some, different, DLC's available. Hours of Darkness takes you to the Vietnam War era, which may have you a few more hours of gameplay. Lost on Mars takes you to the red planet to save the earth from space insects. The third release is the Dead Living Zombies, basically are more linear style but is Far Cry’s take on taking on zombie hordes. Overall these are quite short affairs, but is something to just change the scene and have a little fun with.

Far Cry 5 also has an arcade mode which comes with a map editor, where you can create your own maps and play others’ maps also. With a variety of different game modes, this can give you a bit of a quick play when you want to have some fun without affecting your official campaign.

Overall this game is one of the best open world games out there, and personally is by far my favourite one. It will take quite a lot of hours to get through and the whole experience is a joy and I don’t see myself getting tired of this for a very long time. The setting is absolutely beautiful, the weapons and gunplay is on point, the story is interesting and thought provoking, especially in today’s political climate, and is highly recommended for anyone who still has great appreciation of single player shooter experiences.

Overall score 9/10

Check out the Far Cry 5 launch trailer here:

Are you excited to see what New Dawn brings? Let us know.

Written for Gaming Australia by Adam Smith.


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