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Necromunda Hired Gun Review


Developer: Streum On Studio

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Reviewed on: Xbox Series X

Also available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, PC

Release: 1st June 2021

Rating: R18+

Price: $59.95


A couple of years ago we reviewed a game that we believed didn't get enough attention, possibly due to its Playstation exclusivity, it's a little game called Dreams. Dreams is a game that gives players the tools to build their own video games inside a video game. Honestly it was pretty revolutionary, and while it was an amazing idea, the majority of people struggled to ever make anything of value due to the limitations of using a controller etc. You might be wondering why I've started this review for Necromunda by talking about a completely different game? Well, sadly it's because Necromunda feels like a game made in Dreams - but on a slightly larger scale with very average story elements added in. It feels cheap, underdeveloped and quite frankly unfinished.

Necromunda: Hired Gun is not a good game - but can it still be fun? It has its moments, but that's about all it ever has going for it. The graphics are awful, the story is lackluster and even the characters are super unlikeable due to their faces being covered at all times (because the character models are also trash). The problem with Necromunda: Hired Gun is that it feels like an indie game, which would be fine, except it isn't one! It's made by Streum On Studio, the makers of the warhammer games, which means it should absolutely be better made than it is.

I've reviewed some fantastic games over the last few years, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, Resident Evil Village etc. I've also reviewed some pretty bad ones. The one that comes to mind and the game that honestly reigns as the worst game I've ever played is Fast and Furious Crossroads. Necromunda: Hired Gun is a very close second to that.

Let me tell you exactly why it's possibly the second worst game I've ever played….

Now I know graphics aren't everything, and while that is true, it's mainly said of classic games made in the 90s or early 2000s etc. Not a game made in 2021, that based on the trailer, looked to be as visually capable as most games. The reality was that Hired Gun is not that capable. It's simply outdated; it looks like a PS3 game at times. Poor textures, odd design and downright atrocious character models make for a pretty shitty experience all round.

As I stated earlier, Necromundas story is average at best, but is further hindered by the sheer lack of interest that is perpetuated by the trash character models. Just about every character has their face covered at all times to hide the poor character models.

Probably the worst thing about this game is that despite playing it on the Series X, and despite having the in built FPS counter on telling me I was getting between 58-60fps at all times, I constantly experienced really bad frame drops. I mean really bad, worse than just about anything I've played before, especially on the Series X

The only slight, and I mean miniscule redeeming factor Hired Gun has going for it, is that the action can occasionally be quite fun. The fast paced shooter style of gameplay is something I enjoy, and while this game overwhelmingly missed the mark, there were moments of fun amongst the wreckage.

Poor Level design, Janky ass controls, cheap looking menus and button prompts make Necromunda Hired Gun a terrible game. Once you add on the poor visuals, and boring story the whole thing spells trouble. I would not recommend anyone buy this game. If you want a fast paced shooter, play DOOM Eternal. If you've already played Doom Eternal, just play it again because it's a 1000x better game than Hired Gun. Steer clear of this one, there are far better games out there in every single way.

Necromunda Hired Gun should honestly come with a warning label. It's absolutely not a game that I'd waste my time with if not for the need to review it; which is a real shame as it's a game I was really hoping would be so much better. The slap in the face reality though was that there's nothing to like about this game at all!

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Nick Howard
Nick Howard
Jun 10, 2021

Its Streum On Studio, not Sterum, also they are indie devs, and have only made 1 other warhammer game. Maybe do a little more research before blasting the indie devs

Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson
Jun 10, 2021
Replying to

Hi Nick, Apologies for my spelling error, my review has nothing to do with not doing enough research and while STREUM on studio are an Indie Dev, the Warhammer franchise is not exactly an "Indie" franchise so I would have expected a bit more, that is however my opinion. You're free to enjoy whatever games you like, as I am free to do the same. I have played games made by Indie Dev's before and a lot of them are fantastic. In fact one that immediately springs to mind is The Outer Worlds, another is Celeste both are great games. My point being that being an indie dev doesn't make up for a game being poor. I'm not going to…

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