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PS Plus June Lineup Video Leak, BattleFront II looks to be released shortly after Call of Duty: WWII

Coming from a short 6 second advertisement that was pulled from Sony's Youtube account.

It appears to show Star Wars Battlefront II as the 2nd game in Junes PlayStation Plus line up, the advertisement also includes the new "Days of Play" sale logo, with that sale due to start in roughly 5 days time for us in Australia.

Take a look and see what you think.

Star Wars Battle Front II was maligned by the lootbox scandal of 2017 of which the ramifications are still in legal proceedings today. However the developer has done much in the way of encouraging players back to the title, after almost abandoning it entirely, with multiple free DLC's adding new characters and maps for current and returning players to enjoy.

Here's hoping the title is confirmed to be a part of this months releases in the coming days and sees a resurgence of interest in the Battlefront franchise.

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