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Punchimals Beta - First Impressions

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Genre: Action Fighter | Indie | Physics Based

Modes: Single Player | Local | Multiplayer

Developed by: Two Lives Left

Published by: Two Lives Left

Initial release date: 2024 (no specific date set)

Platforms: PC (Steam)

Platform I played on: PC (Steam)


Punchimals is an upcoming physicals fighter based 2.5D title developed by award winning South Australian independent studio, Two Lives Left. Located in Adelaide, the team are dedicated to crafting unique titles for all to enjoy. So, I thought I'd check out the beta, and jot down some quick thoughts.

In Punchimals, you'll be playing as cute animals who battle each other - in giant mech suits! In the world of Punchimals, punchimal city serves as the backdrop while you fight your way to victory and be the last mech standing. There is a campaign as well, but at this point in time I'm not too sure how in depth it will be.

What stands out in this game so far though, are the controls. Of course, cute animals in mech suits are certainty cool and unique, but players may be drawn to the physics based controls. The game requires a game control - I used my old Xbox One controller, and worked it smoothly, no problems at all.


Instead of using the button pad for anything, you'll be mainly using the analog sticks, bumpers and triggers to combat. There is a tutorial you can choose to do before jumping into a match for the first time, as there's quite a bit to remember. It's not a typical button, or in this case analog, trigger, bumper smash game. There are specific ways to do a certain action. Whether it be holding the stick in a direction or holding it all the way back, there's a bit to take on.

Personally, I have to admit, it did feel a bit strange at first, and there are a few moves to remember. However, once I did remember some of the moves and got ahold of the games physics, it was fun, and satisfying defeating the opponent (in my case I versed the CPU). Again, as it is physics based it is control sensitive, and I do imagine a certain group players will love this. However, I can see how some players may not click with it.

Vibrant colours on a nice sunny day. Nothing like a good battle to seize the day!

Of course, the game is still in beta so it's still being polished. Even so though, I didn't find any significant issues, and it was a smooth sailing game other than me forgetting some of the controls. I think Punchimals is the game to keep an eye on if you're a fighting or physics game enthusiast.

Punchimals is set for a 2024 release, but at the time of writing this hands on impression, there is no specific date. Interested in taking on other chubby cute animals in mechs? You can add Punchimals to your Wishlist now.

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