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Razer Opus X Review - Specific, but great.

Once again we have our hands on a fantastic headset from Razer, only this time its functionality somewhat misses the mark…

Don't get me wrong, the Razer Opus X is a great headset, it really is. It has features you won't find in any other headset even close to $169, but for a Gaming headset to not be compatible with consoles seems like a massive oversight from Razer. However, while this lack of connectivity is worth mentioning, I won't be reviewing this headset based on what I want it to be, but instead what it is. And what it is, is a really well rounded, lightweight Bluetooth gaming headset with ANC…

If I had to describe the Razer Opus X in one word, It would be STRIKING, that trademark Razer green design is definitely just that, and yet the Opus X still manages to be somewhat clean looking and sleek. This very minimalistic design features very few buttons and even fewer plugs/sockets. The left ear cup is completely button free, the right ear cup has a power button, a function play/pause button, 2 volume buttons and a USB-C plug. The power button also doubles as an ANC toggle button. A press toggles it on/off a 2 second press toggles on audio pass through to allow environmental noise to come through the ear cups making using the headset on the go much safer.

Connecting the Opus X to either your mobile device or laptop is a breeze simply connect as you would any other Bluetooth device and away you go. So far I've used it mainly on my Galaxy S21 Ultra using Xbox Game Streaming Service and it works flawlessly, I've never experienced a single drop outs or anything like that.

One of the most impressive things about the Opus X is the fantastic battery life, coming in at around 40 hours it will last much longer than the average wireless headset. This number does drop a little when you switch on the 60ms low Latency gaming mode using the Razer Audio app. This low Latency mode is another super impressive feature and makes a huge difference when mobile gaming, specifically when game streaming and watching things like YouTube etc.

A feature that I was able to utilise, however I am aware not everyone can, was being able to connect the headset to my TV using Bluetooth audio. This actually allowed me to use the headset with all of my consoles and with the combination of the low latency mode, it actually worked surprisingly well.

The Razer App is super easy to use and allows you to change things such as EQ, and toggle on/off ANC and Game Mode and is one of the easier to use headset apps.

Comfort wise, the Razer Opus X is extremely comfortable, extremely lightweight and the faux leather ear cups with very soft padding make the headset perfect for long sessions, and are very glasses friendly.

The ANC is undoubtedly one of the Opus X’s more premium features, usually reserved for much more expensive headsets it's actually extremely functional and performs very well. This allows you to immerse yourself into whatever world you're jumping into, be it gaming, movies or music and podcasts. I used it when connected to my TV to watch Resident Evil Infinite Darkness on Netflix and my word, did it help to build suspense and give those jump scares that extra dimension of fear. ANC is easily toggled on or off as well as the ability to turn on Ambient mode. This allows you to stay constantly aware of your surroundings while gaming or listening to music on the go. Wearing headphones while on the go can be extremely dangerous, so the ability to toggle this feature while on the train, bus or out walking/exercising is extremely important.

If there's one thing you can always guarantee with a Razer headset, it's that the audio quality will be just about as good as you can expect. It’s Punchy, bassy and ultra true to real life. Things like explosions feel deep, while voices are clear and concise. All of this makes for a great listening experience whether it be for gaming, music or movies. My TV features a headset surround setting which when toggled on I was able to play games like COD and the directional audio was surprisingly on point and was probably just as good as most of the headsets I've tested connected directly to my console.

Overall the Razer Opus X is a great headset especially given its price point. If you're looking for a good Bluetooth headset, you absolutely won't get better value for money anywhere. Features like ANC are typical of headsets costing upward of $300 so to get it in a $169 headset is not only unique, but great value.

Yes, added connectivity options would have been nice, but if all you're after is a wireless Bluetooth headset then the Opus X is definitely one I'd recommend.

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