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Resident Evil 3 Remake comes out on Friday 3rd April, we have done all the legwork to bring you our guide to the cheapest release day prices....

If you're on the fence about Resident Evil 3 Remake then check out our review here.

Otherwise check out our list of the best prices below.

Retail Stores: Harvey Norman – $68 Big W – $69 JB HiFI – $79 EB Games – $99.95

Online: Amazon – $68 including delivery Gamesmen – $78 pickup

Digital:  PSN – $93 XBL – $93 Steam – $93

As usual Harvey Norman is the cheapest retail price while Amazon is the cheapest online price, and as usual digital is much more and not worth buying unless you're set on digital.

We hope this helps and will endeavour to update prices as and when new ones become available up until release.

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