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Resident Evil Netflix series?

According to multiple sources there is a Resident Evil series currently in development for Netflix. The popular entertainment streaming platform is reportedly in the process of developing a Resident evil series exclusively for Netflix subscribers.

The series is apparently in development from German production company Constantin Film, which also produced all six movies in the film franchise. As one would expect from anything bearing the Resident Evil name, series plans include looks inside the shadowy Umbrella Corporation behind the outbreak, as well as the new world order rising up in the wake of the T-Virus. The franchise movies holding the award as highest grossing Video game based movies of all time.

The Resident Evil movie franchise launched in 2002 starring Mila Jovovich however it is highly unlikely we will see her starring in the Netflix reboot. The Resident Evil movie produced 5 subsequent sequels, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil the final Chapter.

The Game that inspired these movies, and now TV series was originally released in 1996 and (was known as Biohazard, and still is in Japan).

No other details have been released as yet, such as a release date and or any details regarding it being live action or animation. at the moment all we know is that it is happening in some form!

Resident Evil 2 remake has recently released on current gen consoles and we here at Gamin Australia have been playing it for the past few hours, check out our first hour of gameplay below:

A review for this game is incoming but i can tell you that so far this game surpasses all my expectations...

Written by Gaming Australia


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