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Review of Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

So where do we begin?

This game is near fault less making it the perfect edition to any Nintendo Switch game collection.

The addition of Super Luigi U and the extra characters such as Toadette, Nabbit, Yellow Toad and even Blue toad! yes that's right Blue toad is back and its very satisfying.

This game offers a character for every ability level.. From Super Mario for the majority of gamers to the introduction of Nabbit for a worry free jump about! Nabbit is invincible to all enemy attacks making the play through very easy but also adds gives everyone the ability to play with their less talented counterparts or even their children without having to worry about the constant revives and the repetitive sound of Luigi's voice shouting "I'ma Back".

The game is packed with massive amounts of levels and side games leaving the player feeling fulfilled and feeling their value for money. Obviously this being a Wii U game will leave a bad taste in some peoples mouth, I however never owned a Wii U so for me this is a brand new release and boy does it deliver!

Between the collection of every single Star Coin to the speed running challenges on offer this game just doesn't run out of things for you to do.

The graphics are what you'd expect from a Nintendo Switch game but looks great either on the big screen or in handheld mode.. There's something about playing Super Mario Bros on the go and being able to seamlessly transition to docked mode for a more competitive edge.

I do wish there was a way for Nintendo to build in a bit of a Mario Maker into the game giving players the ability to create their own stages!

Is there Amiibo support?

Though it seems counter-intuitive, Amiibo support was not on offer for New Super Mario Bros. U, nor has it been mentioned in release materials for the Deluxe version. So far, it seems there's no reason to dust off that Mario Amiibo, but stay tuned in case Nintendo brings up a big Amiibo push in the future! The ability to play through the game as Dr,Silver or even Gold Mario would be something special. Watch this space..


Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is something die hard Nintendo and Mario fans have been waiting for. The classic style of gameplay that Nintendo are renowned for making comes back bigger and better than ever. With so much packed into a single title its hard to feel a lack of value for money when playing this truly fantastic game.

Whether playing alone or with friends/ family you will have fun playing Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.

Our Score: 9.5/10

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