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Powerwave Y-Frame RGB gaming desk review.


Create your own gaming battle station with the Powerwave Gaming Desk.

Create your own gaming battle station with the Powerwave Gaming Desk.

Built for gamers, this desk is strong enough to stand up to the rigours of daily use and features a large surface for your monitor and all your gaming gear.

The RGB LED lighting is built-in to create a dynamic gaming experience. Choose from 6 colours or 2 pre-set modes for fast or slow colour transitions.

This gaming desk also includes a headphone hook, cup holder, extended gaming mouse mat and cable management solutions.


I am one of those people that have always thought of a desk as such an insignificant part of my setup and honestly, I didn't understand people spending good money on something that does nothing. I usually make do with something cheap and second hand from the likes of Gumtree. Then I spend my time complaining about cord management, appearance, size etc etc. Well I shall complain no more, now that I am a proud owner of a RGB gaming desk from Powerwave. Now I truly don't know how I managed with a regular desk at all. Let me tell you why…

The Powerwave Y-Frame RGB Gaming desk is for all intents and purposes the last desk you'll ever need. Featuring a super sturdy aluminum frame, a sleek carbon fibre finish and RGB lights that accent this beast of a desk, what more can you possibly need?


Striking is the first word that comes to mind when I look at this desk. That all black design, accented by the red cable management cover and the customisable RGB lighting, really make this desk pop. The aluminium Y-Frame really is surprisingly sturdy. My old desk, the common glass desk you see going around, while it looked nice, well, it wasn't super sturdy. In fact I often faced an issue on my laptop when typing very vigorously, the screen would shake something shocking and lead to headaches and sore eyes after looking up at the wobbly screen when writing a review like this. Well this is a thing of the past with my new Powerwave gaming desk. Straight away I noticed that I can type or game as hard and fast as I like, with absolutely no movement or shaking whatsoever. Again, this might seem like a smallish and first world problem to have, but trust me it's not. There's nothing worse than a flimsy desk frame. Whether streaming, gaming, typing or watching movies. Nobody wants their desk to shake/move. The aluminium Y-Frame on this thing literally gives you zero shudder, which I see as especially important if you stream etc.

The RGB lighting looks great, without being too much it adds that little bit of much needed RGB goodness to your setup. Lights are interchangeable between colours, so you can match the look to the rest of your set up. The headphone holder keeps your headset easily accessible and exactly where you need them, whilst the cup holder really helps with those long gaming sessions and gives peace of mind with no possibility of knocking over a drink straight on your set up.

Set up:

This desk comes as a flat pack and took me roughly 30 mins to put together independently. I would suggest that your life will be made a heck of a lot easier if you have a second pair of hands to help out during those awkward ‘hold this up but screw this in’ at the same time moments. The instructions were clear however and I was most impressed with the fact that included in the box were the tools required for construction. I'm not talking about some little allen key, I mean the right, full size screw driver. They’ve clearly thought about the customer.


I don't know about you, but I seem to game better when my environment is aesthetically pleasing. I don't know, it could be a me thing, but maybe not. This desk has great cable management options, including 2 desktop grommets (disk-shaped holes in the back of your desk) and a cable management bracket that is bolted to the main frame crossmember. These features keep your desk looking clean and clutter free at all times.

For me personally, this desk is the perfect size. I can see some people needing more space if you're running 3 monitors; if that is your scenario, then you'll definitely need a wider desk. However, for me with my laptop and 1 extra monitor this desk is the perfect size. I manage to fit my laptop, Boom mic, ring light, keyboard, mouse, Powerwave bluetooth nintendo switch controller, headphones, phone and some other random bits and bobs (such as USB sticks) without ever feeling cluttered or cramped.

The only downside I have to this desk is purely a missed opportunity whilst designing the thing. What I would have loved is to have seen a bank of USB outlets on the back or the side of the desk. We all have those accessories that don’t need to be plugged into the laptop, they just need power. I have my other RGB lights, my Powerwave RGB mousepad and my streaming light etc and an option to keep these plugged in away from view would have been amazing. That being said, I bought a little doohickey from Ikea for $20 that essentially does the same thing, so it's not a big deal.

If you're in the market for a desk that is not only SUPER functional, but extremely stylish at a very reasonable price, then the Powerwave Y-Frame RGB gaming desk is the one you're looking for. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a gaming desk in the future.


  • Sleek design

  • Very clean looking

  • RGB lights really add to the ambiance

  • Excellent cable management options

  • Perfect size

  • Cup and headphone holder are fantastic

  • Sturdy frame

  • Value for money


  • Lack of USB ports

If you are in fact in the market for a Gaming Desk then head on over to any of these retailers to grab your own:

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