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High Score is a new Netflix docuseries all about gaming!

High Score is a brand new docuseries made exclusively for Netflix that traces the history of classic video games, featuring insights from the innovators who brought these worlds and characters to life.

The series will will feature six 37-47 minute episodes and focuses on topics such as the boom of gaming consoles in the home. Voiced by non other than Super Mario himself "Charles Martinet", the series sits down with the likes of Toru Iwatani (Pac-Man creator); Tomohiro Nishikado, (Space Invaders creator) and SEGA of America CEO Tom Kalinske to name just a few.

Released "yesterday" on August 19th the series features a stunning blend of 4K real life footage, with elements of augmented reality to bring you an in depth look at the history of Video games such as Doom, Space Invaders, Pacman, Donkey Kong and Nintendos Leap into 3D with games such as Star Fox 3D. If you're a gamer, which we assume you are, we definitely suggest that High Score might be right up you alley.


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