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LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S Details & First Impressions.

Xbox Series X|S | Xbox One | Windows 10

Total freedom from wires. Xbox Wireless allows you to connect the headset to your Xbox without any additional cables or dongles needed, and automatically configures the Xbox for super simple setup.

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Without using this headset too much, it’s easy to form my initial impressions, straight out of the box this is hands down the best looking gaming headset I have ever used. Most gaming headsets try to be all angles and edges, the Lucid Sound LS35X headset completely breaks the rules in terms of “gaming headset” design. This sleekly designed headset is stunning and very wearable in the real world.

The set up was absolutely effortless, on Xbox, it was as easy as pushing 2 buttons. Once connected, the sound quality is fantastic, now of course I will hold off on actual judgement until I've used it more. But initial thoughts are that this is a headset truly deserving of its price tag.

Full review coming soon...

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