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Top 10 Nintendo Switch Accessories

Anyone who owns a Nintendo switch knows that Hybrid gaming consoles are a massive part in the future of gaming. The Nintendo Switch has sold over a whopping 25 million units globally before December 2018. Its certainly a very successful console for Nintendo. That is not to say however that there aren't a few things missing that could make this game console EVEN better...

Here's our top 10 Accessories that every Nintendo Switch owner needs to buy! Be it for basic protection or for enhanced gameplay.

10. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Our first pick for an accessory every switch owner must buy is a tempered glass Screen Protector. One of the biggest issues the Nintendo switch faced on release was the dock damaging the screens of peoples Nintendo consoles, however this accessory probably wont eliminate the issue all together, it will however keep your screen free from damage.

9. Pokemon Pokeball+

If you're a Pokemon fan which lets be honest if you own a Nintendo switch you probably are, then the Pokeball+ is a must own accessory. it really adds a level of immersion to an already brilliant game Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee. This device although not without a few minor issues of its own is very intuitive and easy to use. Not to mention the standalone benefits you get in game by taking this Pokeball with you into the real world.

8. Nintendo Switch carry case

Probably the most important item on the list is a carry case, any handheld device needs a carry case. if you plan on taking the Switch anywhere outside of your home you need one of these. i have owned a few different types of these so far and honestly haven't found a better one than the official Nintendo product. (as pictured).

7. Extra Switch Dock

To give the Nintendo Switch true portability and flexibility it's a good it is a good idea to but a second switch dock, I have one set up on each TV at home so I can simply dock my switch wherever i want and play it in fullscreen mode on any TV.

6. Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip

Lets be honest the Nintendo is hardly easy to play in handheld mode. The placement of the thumbsticks on the Joy-cons ends up leaving you with sore hands. That's where the Satisfye Pro gaming grip comes in! I don't actually own one of these but i wish i did! by all accounts this item is an amazing addition, The offset hand grips really fits the contours of your hands making the console feel much more comfortable to use in Handheld mode.

5. Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is one of the most underrated accessories on the Nintendo Switch, although made of cardboard your creations are, well surprisingly sturdy. The fact that you can turn a few sheets of cardboard into a fully working, extremely responsive steering wheel capable of interacting with games such as Mario Kart 8 is quite frankly astonishing. The addition of Labo Garage gives this already extremely clever software and hardware the ability to become whatever you want it to be., by allowing gamers the chance to code their own version of Nintendo Labo. Already people online are popping up with crazy inventions they have coded themselves using the in built Labo software. This technology is brilliant and in my opinion has a massive part to play in the future of how we game!

4. A Power Bank (with quick charge capabilities)

Being able to take your console anywhere is without a doubt the biggest drawcard of the Nintendo Switch, being able to take your console anyhwere for long periods of time however is even better. I own an Anker Powercore 20100 which is capable of QuickCharge and can recharge my switch upto 300% from 0%. The QuickCharge funtionality means that whilst playing games like Breath of the wild (the most demanding game on the switch to date) I am actually able to still gain battery percentage.

3. Adjustable Charging stand

There are quite a few Switch stands on the market, and by far the best one I have come across is the official Nintendo Adjustable charging stand. Simple yet effective this nifty little stand affords users the ability to charge their console whilst having it in freestanding mode. the side mounted USB-C plug means there is no strain on your USB cable whilst charging. I use mine simultaneously with my Power bank giving me true, long lasting portability.

2. MicroSD card

I feel like this one is obvious but somehow very regularly overlooked. With the state of gaming in 2019 digital downloads are only becoming more popular, meaning your 32GB internal memory will not last long at all! In fact games like NBA2K18 (even physical copies) require massive downloads upward of 20GB. It's easy to see why one of the first things you buy after you get your new Switch is a moderately sized microSD card.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Our number 1 pick for Nintendo switch's must have accessory goes to.......... The Pro controller

I mean lets be honest is there anything worse than playing a game with a joy-con? i personally have rather large hands, however my wife has had similar complaints that the Joy-cons are just too damn small! The pro controller is the answer to all your problems. Shaped a lot like an Xbox controller it feels very comfortable to hold, not to mention its offering of a D-Pad rather than the arrow buttons on the Joy-cons. It brings the Nintendo from being "just a handheld console with gimmicky controllers" to a serious Gaming console capable of playing competitively against friends!

Let us know if there's anything we missed?

Written by Gaming Australia


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