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Where is our Nintendo direct?

Most people thought we would know more about when the next Nintendo direct would be by now, however with nothing on the horizon for Nintendo other than an "Indie Highlights" video they are hosting today are Nintendo players getting fed up?

This week alone there are 2 massive releases in the form of Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom hearts 3, both of which will not release on the Nintendo Switch... Meanwhile Nintendo fans are left wondering what is happening in Nintendo land, in fact the same can be said for next month also!

The next real notable release on the Nintendo Switch is in fact on 29th of March with the release of Yoshi's crafted world, Leaving some scratching their heads as to what Nintendo has in store for 2019! Are Nintendo falling behind already this year? With the PS4, Xbox One, and PC all receiving between 10-12 AAA games in that same time frame it's easy to see why some might be a little disappointing that there's not yet even word of when the next Nintendo Direct will be...

Another possibility is that Nintendo are merely biding their time, allowing the other platforms their moment in the sun before they hopefully knock it out of the park? With games like Pokemon RPG, Beyonetta 3, Metroid prime 4, Luigi's mansion 3 and fan favourite, the new Animal crossing title, all apparently in the works Nintendo definitely have a big year planned but will it be enough? Fans are keen to know more about these games and so far very little has been offered up by Nintendo!

Take a look for yourself, here's a list of just some of the massive titles players of either of the 2 other main consoles or PC can expect between now and 29th of March:

Resident evil 2,

Kingdom hearts 3,

God eater 3,

Metro exodus,

Jump force,

Far cry new dawn,


Dirt rally 2.0,

Left alive,

Devil may cry V,

The Division 2,

The Sinking city,

Sekiro: Shadows die twice.

All of which will not release on the Nintendo switch! At least not initially (some are potentially being planned for release at a later date).

What do you think are Nintendo just biding their time? Or are they falling behind?

Let us know what you think, and what you'd like to see at the inevitable Nintendo Direct,

Written by Gaming Australia

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