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Zombie Cure Lab Will Benefit Real-Life Cancer Research Through Power of Players

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In recognition of World Science Day last month, the AAA sim vets at Aerosoft and fun-loving problem solvers at Thera Bytes proudly announced their upcoming zombie treatment lab builder; Zombie Cure Lab. This game will also give players a way to contribute to real-life cancer research, and can contribute simply by playing the game when it launches on Early Access for PC - which is avaliable right now.

Through a partnership with University Hospital Erlangen and the University of Rostock, Zombie Cure Lab allows players to treat the undead in-game while contributing computing power to unlocking a cure for Uveal Melanoma, a high-mortality cancer with about 1,700 new cases per year in the United States alone.

Save the world from a catastrophic zombie apocalypse in this charming, base-building sim. Guide the plucky scientists (humanity’s last survivors) a way to build a sturdy, productive lab and zombie-capturing equipment to turn the brainthirsty hordes into happy lab assistants, rather than killing them. Keep them all happy with comfortable accommodations, and of course the most important thing; a fully stocked kitchen to prevent any, errr.. snaccidents. Turn The Walking Dead into The Working Dead! Unlock more advanced items and research tiers to restore humanity and reverse the apocalypse once and for all!

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