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Deep Rock Galactic Full Release: Danger, Darkness & Dwarves.

Never has there been a more solid trio, dwarves, monsters and mining.

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1 - 4 player co-op mining and monster hunter expedition game set on an alien planet that is the most profitable mine in the galaxy. You are a dwarf working for Deep Rock, an intergalactic mining company that has no issue in sending you and your crew to risk your life for those sweet sweet minerals. Full Release 13th May 2020

Hitting early access on February 28th 2018 on Steam, it shortly became a hit with its fun and simple gameplay design and mechanics and unique premise despite the overarching idea being a well known one i.e dwarves mining in deep mines and caverns.

It then spent a little over two years in early access being developed with genuine passion and input from the players to become a sensational game. This goes to show what indie devs can do and how great an early access title can become. Boasting 96% positive rate on Steam you can guarantee you will not be disappointed with this absolute gem (see what I did there, mining game and gem).

I have been playing this game on and off for the last 12 months and it has come such a long way since then. The main premise of the game is to gather minerals and defend yourself from the terrifying bugs that inhabit the planet, however there are quite a few other mission types from salvage former crews lost gear to defeating massive monsters all for those sweet rewards and a nice cold beer at The Abyss Bar, an in game bar in the player hub. Some beers give you a buff and some knock you out, hilarity ensues.

Deep Rock Galactic features 4 classes all with their own strengths and weaknesses. The Scout can get to those hard to reach places with his grapple gun, the Engineer helps the team by deploying platforms and sentry guns, the Driller uses his massive drill gloves and carves his way through the entirely destructible environment and the Gunner lays down massive damage and zip lines for the team to traverse the harsh terrain more easily. Each class has large amounts of progression from new weapons, gear, gadgets and skins to prestige levels.

The monsters in DRG are a thing of beauty and what drives nightmares. There are dozens of different enemy types and variants to make each mission and biome more unique and challenging.

Do yourself a favour, pick up this beauty of a game. For a modest price of $44.95 you can confidently get hundreds of hours of fun. Grab a few friends or join a lobby and get to mining. Maybe I’ll see you at The Abyss Bar someday. Happy hunting miners!!!

Written by Raw Toast

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