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Fortnitemares Returns To Fortnite

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Fortnitemares has returned to Fortnite! This year’s Fortnitemares includes a cathartic experience at DJ Lyka’s dance party, quests, wicked rewards, a Zero Build twist on Horde Rush plus more! It is spooky month after all.

Personally I've never jumped in nor do I know too much about it, but here's the details on each things going on;

  • Zero Build Horde Rush: Horde Rush is back - with a twist. Take down hordes of spooky monsters, collect score multipliers, earn combos, survive in various locations, and then take down the final boss without building. Zero Build Horde Rush will be available until November 15.

  • Transform and Turn Into A Spooky Monster: Take a break from DJ Lyka’s party and visit the Reality Tree’s Alteration Altars. Perform the Ritual Emote to be bestowed with Howler Claws and canine abilities, including the Wolfscent Abilities; slash and air slash.

  • Fortnitemares Quests: Complete all the Fortnitemares Quests to earn that sweet XP , as well as unlocking rewards including the Everything's End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and Unmaker Pickaxe.

  • Keep the Party (and SPOOKY) Going: Creators were put to the challenge to make Islands about frights, delights, or both. Check out the Fright and Delight row in Discover during Fortnitemares 2022 and browse through your favourite map submissions.

For all the info you can check it out here via the fortnite blog

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