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Heart Piece Locations Guide – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

By Gaming Australia

Our Zelda: Link’s Awakening Heart Piece Locations Guide details the locations of all heart pieces in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Heart Piece Location #1

Head to the well located in the west of Mabe Village and head inside it. Once inside, you will find the heart container sitting in the small pond that you drop into. To get inside the well, go around the cliff and cut the bushes. You must have a sword to get to this heart peace.

Heart Peace Location #2 and #3

In the middle of the map, you will find the Trendy Game. Play the game, pick up the heart peace and collect it. This will get you another heart piece. Once you have collected the first heart piece, you can play the game again and another heart piece will sometimes appear as a prize. Keep playing the game and you will eventually find it as a prize.

Heart Piece Location #4

Head to the Town Tool Shop and you can simply purchase a heart piece for 200 rupees. You can pick it up and walk outside and you can get it free.

Heart Piece Location #5 and #6

Head to the fishing pond in Mabe Village and catch a small fish to obtain a heart piece. Once you have caught the smaller fish, try again and this time catch a bigger fish. This will nab you another heart piece.

Heart Piece Location #7

In Ukuku Prairie, there is a cave which is easily visible on the map with a set of stairs going up which are initially blocked by a rock. Enter this cave and you will find a chest and a heart piece. Navigate your way around by avoiding the weak spots in the ground and moving the rocks around until you reach the heart piece.

Heart Piece Location #8

From your last cave, move further right in Ukuku Prairie until you come to a location which has some holes in the ground. On the left side of these holes, you will notice a small rock protruding out from the bigger rock wall next to some trees. Plant a bomb here to make this explode and it will reveal an entrance to yet another cave.

Enter the cave and navigate your way around the traps and rocks until you get to the side where the chest is sitting. Go up from the chest and you will notice a crack in the wall. Plant a bomb here and blow open the wall to reveal another secret area inside the cave where the heart piece is sitting.

Heart Piece Location #9

In Koholint Prairie, there’s a place which has a lot of holes in the ground with some bushes in the middle. You will need to jump in the bushes between these holes to grab the heart piece here.

Heart Piece Location #10

For this heart piece location, you will need the hookshot. Head to the location marked on the map below and you will arrive at a tree log leading to a secret location. Head inside this log and use your hookshot to move around the chasms to reach the final spot where the heart piece is located. Push the rock in your way down and grab the heart piece.

Hear Piece Location #11

Now head to the location marked to the map below and you will find yet another tree log leading to a secret area. There are some bats inside this cave so watch out. The rest of the formula is the same for reaching the heart container which involves pushing rocks around and picking up and throwing the skulls around.

Heart Piece Location #12

For the next one, you need to head to the secret entrance marked on the map below. Remove the rocks in your path and use the entrance to go down into the secret area. Once down, move right and you will find the heart piece behind some rocks. You will need the hookshot and Roc’s Feather to get to this one.