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3rd Earth Media - Streamer Pack Review

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

One of the questions we get asked a lot here at Gaming Australia is "where should I start when looking to start streaming?", and until now our standard answer has been, do some research and find the best products for you and then research again. Well thanks to Bluemouth Interactive and 3rd Earth Media, those stock standard responses are a thing of the past. The brand new 3rd Earth Media Streamer Pack is your all-in-one startup streaming solution. Including everything you'll need to successfully start streaming, this pack is a perfect entry level option for anyone looking to start a stream, or even a podcast.

This pack includes:

  • 4K Capture card

  • HD Webcam

  • Omnidirectional Microphone

  • Adjustable LED light ring

  • Audio DAC

  • Microphone Boom arm, and desk stands

  • Bluetooth remote control

  • HDMI & USB Cables

That's a lot of stuff for one handy little box…

At a price point of $299, you'd struggle to buy a capture card elsewhere for the same price, making this a great value pack. However if you're already established as a streamer and are looking to add a little more quality and polish to your streams then this probably isn't the pack for you.

4K Capture Card:

Other entry level 4K capture cards on the market will set you back anywhere between $250 - $400 making this one seem all the more value for money. This 4K capture card is perfect for anyone's entry-mid level needs. Capturing some great footage, for me and my needs at least, this card performs better than my more expensive Elgato HD60 card is able to. While it performs well and the quality of the capture is great, if you're looking for a more lossless capture quality, then I may suggest a more high end capture card. If you're looking for something solid, that will get the job done as well as most streamers out there, at a great price, then absolutely pick this up. It is important to note here though that while this capture card is “technically 4K”, as with a lot of “4K” capture cards on the market at the moment, the card allows up to 4K input; but can only output at 1080p. Meaning any recordings you do create will be limited to 1080p and not 4K. This wasn't a huge issue for me as I find 1080p videos just fine.

Here is an example of the footage quality you can expect from this capture card:

The footage above is captured using nothing but the capture card, webcam, and ring light included in this kit. I have heard others suggest that this device compresses footage to an unwatchable level, which as you can see, clearly isn't the case. While its not crystal clear, It's certainly as good as anyone starting out will possibly need.

Screenshot Directly from gameplay footage using 3rd Earth Media Streamer Pack

Omnidirectional Microphone: