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A New Residency: Resident Evil 8 Rumour Mill

Grab your shotgun and your revolver. It's time to kill zombies and maybe some wolf things? If the rumours are true...

A leak has surfaced from Twitter involving the latest installation to the Resident Evil series with gameplay and new enemy models supposedly a part of the leak. Though this is entirely speculation, the rumour does have some credible sounding points however there is no further visual evidence. The history of this game’s development started in 2016 but has been reworked into something completely different in the last seven month according to several sources that were involved with the project.

So what are the leaked details?

  • Ethan will be returning as a playable character.

  • Resident Evil 8 was tested last year.

  • It will not be called Resident Evil 8, but will have a “clever title”

  • The game will be in First-person like Resident Evil 7.

  • Gameplay starts in a village leading up to a castle.

  • The environment will be rural, snowy, and mountainous; possibly Europe.

  • Regular zombies will be appearing instead of the Molded from Resident Evil 7.

  • There is a persistent shadowy “female” enemy that will follow you but will dissipate if shot.

  • There are also wolf-like creatures that will attack the player in certain areas.

  • Chris Redfield will also be returning in some capacity.

Further speculation of this latest installment is that it is not a part of the series, but the creation of a spin off series in the same universe. If it is a spin off, then it is reportedly bringing the first person shooter of Resident Evil 7 to the forefront with assumptions that it will bring in all the faults of the predecessor while moving further away from its gameplay roots as a third person shooter. However you look at it, it is following on the coattail of the remastered Resident Evil 3.

Whether this latest Resident Evil is dipping its toe into the Underworld cinematic universe, introducing wolf or werewolf like creatures, or returning to its roots with Cerberus, the Europe setting makes a return to Resident Evil 4-esque world. If this has any form of impacts to the series’ timeline, then is it possible vampires are on the cards in future installments? Breaking into new fictional territory is risky but the reward will possible payoff big time. Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Online both successfully breached this market but how it works in a zombie genre, only when played will its secrets be revealed.

Other rumours state the game will be launched with the PlayStation 5 launch being either the game announcement trailer reveal or a potential launch title. This could either be a hoax or a very clever marketing strategy. Whichever way it turns out, it is a new dawn on such a beloved series that has been a staple to PlayStation’s extensive game library.

So stay tuned and watch this space....

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