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Team17 & developer NExT Studios have recently announced an adventure RPG roguelike called Crown Trick for Switch.

The game sees players run through procedurally generated dungeons with dozens of unique weapons, elemental powers, and “Familiars” collected from elite monsters.

It is scheduled to launch sometime in Q3 2020 for Switch and PC.

You can check out a trailer below:

Set in a procedurally generated maze-like dungeon, Crown Trick is steeped in strategic, synchronous, turn-based gameplay where enemy decisions and actions are only revealed when players make their moves, and features hundreds of weapons, skills, and items on hand to customize and evolve the combat style as the quest progresses.

A finalist in the Indie Prize (Asia) 2019 Awards, Crown Trick is set in the daunting Nightmare Realm, a labyrinthine, underground world filled with monsters and traps. Players will have to master the elements and combine dozens of skills, while planning the best strategy, to overcome deadly enemies that stand still until their plan of attack is executed. As the quest continues, players will have the opportunity to gain access to high-level skills–Familiars–secured from the elite monsters that roam the dungeon, increasing the chances of both success and survival.

Key Features

  • Engaging Strategic Gameplay – Monsters and traps move only when the player moves; carefully thought out strategies are key to escaping the labyrinthine dungeon

  • Fight How You Want – Create and develop a unique combat style with dozens of active and passive skills and abilities, items, and relics help create different ways to cut through enemy encounters

  • Learn from Enemies – Gather elite “Familiar” skills by overcoming enemies, ready to unleash on others deeper in the dungeon

  • Different Dungeons Every Time – The procedurally generated maze ensures players have unique experiences every time they enter the Nightmare Realm.


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