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Age-gating of Loot Boxes In Australia

A report prepared for an Australian governmental committee recommends new standards that would require gamers to verify their age before they can purchase in game lootboxes.

An exerpt from the report Protecting the age of innocence

“The committee recommends that the Office of the eSafety Commissioner or other relevant government department report to the Australian government on options for restricting access to loot boxes and other simulated gambling elements in computer and video games to adults aged 18 years or over, including through the use of mandatory age verification”

Although some may be well and truly be behind this move to stop predatory gambling-esque activity that publishers like EA have been profiting from. They have also extended these committee talks to encompass other adult entertainment and the limiting of access to it, particularly the likes of internet pornography, which the UK similarly failed to pass in 2019.

So what are your thoughts?

Do you support the move to age-gate lootbox purchases at the possible cost of access to other adult entertainment?

Luke Nixon

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