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AndaSeat Eagle 2 Gaming Desk

The one thing that every gamer truly deserves is a good battle station at which to go to war. Well today we are here to discuss the AndaSeat Eagle 2 Gaming Desk which has transformed my gaming experience as well as my content creation experience.

I very quickly outgrew my old desk, the Powerwave Y-Frame RGB gaming desk, and don't get me wrong, it was a nice desk with some cool features, but it simply isn't big enough for my ever expanding needs. So when the opportunity came around to review the AndaSeat Eagle 2 which is approximately 260mm wider than my old desk I jumped at it. Not only because it suited my needs a whole lot better, but because I was curious as to whether AndaSeat made good products across the board, or if My AndaSeat Kaiser 2 gaming chair was an anomaly as it's the most comfortable well built gaming chair I have ever owned or tested.



  • Excellent Build Quality

  • No Way To Fix The Mat In Place

  • Easy Assembly

  • Full Length Table Mat

  • Plenty of Storage

  • Plastic Cup Holder

  • Looks Great

  • Good Cable Management

Assembly of the Eagle 2 was relatively easy, I managed to do it by myself in around 30 mins in a rather cramped space and imagine I could have got it done much quicker in a more open room of the house. The instructions I'd probably give a 5/10 as the pictures did a decent job of explaining what to do. I personally love assembling things, So I have become rather good at it, however the lack of written instructions could pose a problem for some. But all in all, it posed very little challenge for me and I found the addition of all the tools required including a screwdriver a nice touch.

At first I was worried about the top of the desk coming in 2 separate pieces, there were 2 reasons for this firstly, I worried about the structural integrity of a desk that joined down the middle holding 2 monitors and some leaning from me etc. Secondly, I wasn't super keen on a desk surface that had a join all the way up the middle, mainly because very rarely do joins like this end up being perfectly level so I was worried about aesthetics. Both of these worries were very quickly addressed. Firstly you can see for yourself when assembling the Eagle 2 that structural integrity will never be an issue. The whole thing is structurally engineered making it more stable than most and in fact, running the length of the desk are 2x 1.5-2 inch steel bars which honestly make the desk extremely sturdy and strong. The Eagle 2 can hold up to 150KG which is more than enough for whatever you're planning on doing on it. Secondly the join itself actually joined up quite nicely, and well the full length table mat takes care of any aesthetic concerns you might have. Overall the stability of the Eagle 2 is perfect, I get minimal movement or wobble when typing and or gaming and that 150KG capacity will ensure I never run into any issues through general computer use and gaming.

Cable management on the Eagle 2 is great, it has a multifunction cable box at the back which allows you to house your power board and have all your wires running into a relatively well hidden spot rather than dragging along the floor and or hanging down. This cable box also comes with pre-cut cable routing slots which makes keeping your cables in place super easy.

One thing I absolutely love about the Eagle 2 compared to previous desks I've owned, is the storage options. It features 2 headset hooks and a plastic drink/cup holder. My previous desk had a metal cup holder which you might think is better, well I'm here to tell you it's definitely not. After about 12 months of using my other desk, the cup holder rusted, the paint started peeling and very quickly became both a hazard and an eyesore. The plastic holder on this desk is both super sturdy and I know it will well and truly outlast the metal holder on my old desk. The 2 headphone hooks are excellent as someone who reviews a lot of headsets. I've usually got a few headsets on the go at any one time so the ability to have them within arms reach is extremely handy.

The full length table mat is an excellent touch as not only does it make the desk look sensational, but it also takes away any mouse restriction and it actually really softens the edges of the desk which improves wrist fatigue over longer sessions. The only downside I have is that I really have loved some way to fix it into place. Don't get me wrong, It fits really well, especially when you add the weight of monitors for example, to help it sit in place, however some Velcro pads or something to attach it on the edges would have been a nice added touch. But yeah this mat is awesome and I don't ever want to stop using it.

Do you remember before when I talked about how good the steel bars were for structural strength and stability for the desk, well that does come at a slight cost. That cost is that my gaming chair no longer fits all the way under my desk when I am done. This is not something that really bothers me, however some people might take issue with it. It only sits out about an inch or 2 and might not be an issue for some but still, worth mentioning I feel.

Now in terms of how it has transformed my gaming and content creation experience, well that simply comes down to size. Having a surface area of 140cm x 60cm I am now able to use a dual monitor setup which for anyone that has ever used a dual monitor setup will know just how much of a difference it makes to productivity and the ability to game and run things like discord on the 2nd monitor. It changes everything and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Overall, The AndaSeat Eagle 2 is perfect, there's honestly not a damn thing I can fault it for. Sure I'd like to be able to fix the mat in place somehow, but in reality this is the most minor complaint I've ever used in a review especially when I have access to Velcro pads at home and I haven't bothered to do it, that's how minor an issue it is. The Eagle 2 ticks every single box I have for a desk, it's strong, sturdy, stylish, spacious and has all the storage you could want. I challenge you to find a legitimate complaint about the Eagle 2.

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