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AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Review

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

If there's one thing any real gamer will tell you, it is how important a good chair is. Both comfort and support are a must, especially for those long sessions. Well I'm here to tell you that the Anda Seat Kaiser 2 is an absolute must have. Featuring a super sturdy steel frame, very plush cushioning and a PVC leather finish, this bad boy is not only built to last, but is designed with gamers of all shapes and sizes in mind.

Assembly was a breeze, it took me less than half an hour to put it together alone. The instructions were pretty easy to follow and assembly was pretty no nonsense. I ran into zero difficulties whatsoever; something a lot of chairs struggle with. The only problem I had was with the allen key being the wrong length to be able to easily screw in the screws with little fuss. This aside, it couldn't have been simpler.

As soon as I completed assembly, I was immediately in awe. The Kaiser 2 truly is a throne, worthy of a king or queen. It's big, it's bold and it's oh so comfortable. The AD+ memory cushions in the Kaiser 2 provide one of the most comfortable sitting experiences on the market. Whilst most people say that you should save money and just buy an office chair, this bad boy can't be ignored in the ergonomics game, whist maintaining the gamer seat look. The cushioning is sensitive to touch and heat allowing it to mould to your body and truly provide all the support and comfort your back needs for a marathon gaming session. Speaking of support, the Kaiser 2 comes with a removable and adjustable lumbar cushion which, in comparison to other popular chairs I've used, takes all the strain off your lower back when seated. I've spent roughly 60 hours in this seat both console gaming and typing/general computer usage, including about a 14-16 hour stretch playing Dying Light 2, and not once have I experienced anything resembling any stiffness or soreness in my lower back, which usually I would.

The Kaiser 2 not only feels great, but it looks great too. I have it in maroon, which despite being quite a risky colour choice and wouldn't have been my original choice, it actually looks great in my gaming room. The contrast of the maroon on the black, really just works. I truly think you'd struggle to find a gaming setup it wouldn't look good with. If in doubt, rest assured they have the classic colours too, as well as special designs for the likes of Marvel etc.

We have already talked about the comfort and looks of the Kaiser 2, but let's discuss the design and it's features. The Anda Seat Kaiser 2 has everything you want/need in a gaming chair. With the possible exception of some flashy yet completely unnecessary RGB lighting, it has everything. One of the most impressive things for me however, is the arm rests. Arm rests are a feature of a computer chair that I think is very underestimated. They have the potential to make a good seat great or even a great seat pretty average. Thankfully the Kaiser 2 has great arm rests. They are comfortable, they are strong and they are extremely adjustable. Four dimensions-left & right, forwards & backwards, up & down, tilt, enables adjustments to the exact angle you need to protect your carpal tunnel. The PU covered surface provides firm support to your elbows. In addition, the Kaiser 2 has adjustable height, the backrest adjusts anywhere between 90 and 160 degrees and the mechanism also allows you to tilt approximately 45 degrees from your seated position. The gas strut is a class 4 lift and is rated at up to 200KG. Both the size and shape of the base, combined with the memory cushioning, means I had no discomfort in my legs from the chair cutting into me due to my bugger build.

At the end of the day, everyone will have their own opinion of “gaming chairs”, but the Kaiser 2 does a bloody good job of breaking down that stereotype. It's so good in fact, that since getting the Kaiser, I have actually thrown away my couch and now exclusively use the Kaiser 2 for both my PC and console gaming.

Overall the Ander Seat Kaiser 2 is easily the most comfortable, most attractive and sturdiest office/gaming chair I've ever sat in. This chair is perfect for both gaming and work, and will suit all manner of shapes and sizes. Rated at up to 200KG and being a very wide frame there's not many people that this chair won't fit. If you want a chair that ticks just about every box there is, then The Kaiser 2 is a must have. You'll do very well to find a chair that does as well across the board as the Kaiser 2. The only even slight negative is the firmness of the head cushion which I'm hoping softens a little over time.

Bluemouth Interactive will also be bringing the Kaiser 3 into Australia later in the year, The Kaiser 3 has all the same great features and frame as the Kaiser 2 but with some very exciting new design features yet to be announced!

The Anda seat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is one of the bestselling gaming chairs in the market and hotly in demand! You might have missed out on this drop but we can exclusively confirm that the Kaiser 3 is just around the corner so watch this space! If you can’t wait make sure you check out the officially licensed Marvel range from Anda Seat which features the Kaiser 2 frame, or some of the other incredible chairs in the Anda Seat line up!

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