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Apex Legends Adds Permanent Duos mode & 'Kings Canyon' Map Rotation

Choose your battlefield in either of the main maps in Army-of-Two style in this weeks event.

Respawn has announced a new event for Apex Legends running from 7-21 April & for the first time - focused around the hunter Bloodhound. With 'The Old Ways' event comes the permanent addition of the much loved Duo's mode - first seen in November 2019, and the ability to choose which map you wish to play on - Kings Canyon or Worlds Edge.

As part of the event, players will have access to the 'Bloodhound Trials' area of Worlds Edge. Prowler beasts brimming with high-tier loot have been added to this new area to reward those who can survive their attacks, but players will have be cautious in starting the attack - lest they become the prey of other nearby Legends.

Finally, as no surprise to seasoned players, with a new event come new skins for characters and weapons with the majority being inspired by the bloodhound origin story above, so save your Apex Coins - there might be something special for you.

See you all on the ground, we droppin!


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SummerSale Vertical.jpg
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