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Apex Legends Mobile - Development News

According to EA's Q3 report - development is still in full swing on the mobile version of the hit Battle Royale.

After being left in the lurch - it seems Mobile Gamers have finally received the news they've been hoping for since the early announcements during Season 2 of the parent title, Apex Legends - which is about to enter its fourth season.

The title’s publishers have confirmed in the report that they are working with a Chinese partner to “create a mobile Apex Legends that will be released globally,” as first reported by industry insider and analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Apparently the delays in development updates have related to difficulties in securing a Chinese partner, an issue EA has now overcome according to chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen.

“Rolling mobile out in China, you need to have a partner, and we’re, as we’ve said in the prepared remarks today, working with a partner there. We’re very excited about the opportunity,”

Rumours are that publisher 'Tencent' has signed on - veterans of other such EA mobile franchises as FIFA Online 4 and Need For Speed Online. While this all bodes well for Apex Legends Mobile, EA has yet to deliver any release date, Jorgensen stating that there was “more to come on that in terms of timing”

So with the game nearing completion and a publisher secured, do you think we will see Apex Legends Mobile before the conclusion of Season 4?

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