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Apex Legends Season 4 - What you need to know.

War, War never changes... unless you're playing Apex!

Change is coming to Worlds Edge in Season 4, find out whats in store below.

Map changes

The Planetary Harvester has touched down and brought with it the utter destruction of Worlds Edge - Season 3's new map. In some places City streets have been replaced with molten lava, collapsed structures and ruins - though Respawn have opted not to go for the instadeath angle with lava - instead opting for 25 damage per contact, hoping this will see it used in strategy rather than just an 'avoid at all costs' addition to the map.

Check out some examples of the changes below

(credit: Respawn)

Center map during Season 3 vs Season 4

Capitol City Season 3 vs Season 4

You can even try your hand at finding the new weapon racks with 100% guaranteed weapon loot at locations like the new the survey camp (below). Ensuring you no longer deal with the early game I-need-a-gun rush, where the difference between life and the player lobby, is which crate you or the other guy opened - hint: you'll always pick the wrong one.

The New Legend

Season 3 gave us 'Crypto' - a Legend comparable to Sombra of Overwatch who was granted the use of a drone for his main ability and a definite John Woo inspiration, he was met with a varied mix of praise and hate over both his ability and utility on the battlefield.

Season 4 looks to be taking it up a notch with 'Revenant' - a Legendary Assassin with what looks like Enhanced melee prowess, and the Ultimate ability to take a shadow form similar to what we saw in the Apex Halloween event - possibly even sharing this ability with his team.

Needless to say - this is going to be one hotly contested legend in the character select menu with powers of invulnerability and many other assassin-esque traits.

But don't take my word for it, take a look at Revenant's character trailer below: