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ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Wireless Mouse Review

Unlike a lot of dedicated gaming mice, the ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Wireless mouse really is a great all round mouse. Whether it be for gaming, office work or on the go while you travel, the Impact II wireless is a fantastic option.

ROG is quickly becoming one of my favourite PC accessory brands, every product we've tested previously from the ROG Delta core to the Strix Scope RX has been great. The Strix RX and Chakram mouse are actually a staple of my setup and everyday use. So when ROG offered me the opportunity to review even more ROG products, of course i said yes, this time a little lower budgetary items but some would argue more accessible to most PC users. The Strix Impact II is the Chakrams no frills little brother.

Sure the name is a bit of a mouthful, and honestly is a bit of a contradiction to the product itself. The Strix Impact II wireless, is very much uncomplicated, from form factor to features this mouse knows what it is, and rather than pack it full of gimmicks and unnecessary features, ROG have made sure the Strix Impact II does the basics very, very well. For example, while most of its competitors use PTFE feet on the bottom for a smooth gliding surface, the Impact II used Virgin Grade PTFE which improves this gliding experience and makes the overall movement of the mouse just that little bit smoother.

The overall build quality is actually really good, some may be fooled by the "lightweightedness" of the product, but it's actually really well built. Each button click is snappy and precise when some cheaper mice can feel a little floaty and sloppy. There's just the right amount of RGB without being overtly “gamery” and the USB dongle can be stored neatly in the bottom of the mouse which I think is great.

In terms of gaming performance, the Impact II is about an 8, it's got really responsive button clicks so does not exhibit any measurable lag, but it's let down by the positioning of the CPI (DPI) button being on the bottom of the mouse which does not allow for any “on the fly” adjustments. This is a bit of a bummer and really negatively affects the overall gaming performance. That aside though, it is a great gaming mouse, so if “on the fly” adjustments aren't for you, you'll do well to find a mouse that does a whole lot better than the Impact II, especially at its price point.

Now the biggest positive about the Impact II wireless is its versatility. We've discussed how it's a good gaming mouse, but what we haven't talked about is how well it handles just about anything you're going to throw at it. Be it graphic design, content creation, general office tasks or hardcore gaming, the Impact II is pretty much perfect in all scenarios. Sure it lacks the buttons some high end gaming mice have, but honestly, I'm yet to come across a scenario where I truly need 24 programmable buttons. I do however, love the idea of being able to seamlessly switch from gaming to review writing or content creation for the Facebook group with the same mouse that performs well across the board, no excessive buttons to fiddle with. Just basic, but done well.


  • Feels solid

  • Nice shape and size

  • Button clicks feel responsive

  • On board USB dongle storage

  • Lightweight and compact (ideal for travel)

  • Clean design


  • DPI button is on the bottom (so no on the fly changing)

  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity

  • Not a huge number of buttons if that's what you're after.

While the Strix Impact II has less features than the likes of the Chakram, it’s probably just as good at the basics, in fact, unless you want removable switches and a thumbstick, then I don't really see anything to justify over double the price tag. The Strix Impact II is as unassuming as it is versatile. Regardless of your hand style or your play style, the ROG Strix Impact II Wireless should definitely be a consideration for almost everyone looking for a new wireless mouse. Not many at its price point will beat it.

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