Audeze - Gaming headset for audiophiles

Updated: Jun 5

In a world filled with cyborg looking headsets, there's really only a handful of gaming headsets that both perform well and look great. The Audeze Mobius manages to tick both boxes and be one of the best at both in the entire industry. They feature the most balanced and true to life sound of any headset on the market and well, have a look at those curves….

If you're a gamer, the Audeze Mobius could well be the best headset you can buy. If you're not a gamer… then we're not only judging you ;) but we're here to tell you that the Mobius isn't just a headset for gamers, but a headset for everyone. With multiple connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm, the Mobius can connect to just about any device imaginable.

Like any good pair of shoes, the Audeze headsets definitely have a wearing period. The first time I put them on they were particularly hard and quite uncomfortable. However, the more I wear them, the more they mould to the shape and size of my head and the more comfortable they become.

In terms of audio quality, you won't get better than the Audeze Penrose or Mobius, they truly are audiophile quality audio, in a gaming headset package. The Penrose being the cheapest planar magnetic headset on the market at the time of writing this article and absolutely delivers best in class audio performance.

Honestly, in a lot of ways the Audeze range of headsets are absolutely the best you can get, however “to get” them, you're going to have to part with a considerable amount of cash, and for this reason and this reason alone, neither was named our headset of the year. If it were based purely on audio quality they would have been. I can't reiterate enough how exceptional the audio is from both these headsets.


Some of the key features of the Mobius include:

  • Planar magnetic drivers for audiophile-grade cinematic sound

  • Full 3D emulation with wired USB support for popular surround sound modes (7.1 or 5.1)

  • 1000 times/second integrated head tracking

  • Anatomy calibration to tailor the sound to the user

  • Mobius integrates Waves NX technology for real-time onboard 3D processing

  • Wired USB, Aux and Wireless Bluetooth Connections

  • Compatible with Gaming Consoles, Mobile Devices PC and Mac

The Audeze Mobius, is a premium looking and feeling headset. It is the absolute king of “Gaming Audio” and I reiterate would have absolutely been voted our best overall headset if not for two things. The first of which is the giant elephant in the room, the price tag. $700 for a gaming headset just simply puts it out of most peoples realm of possibility. The second is its bluetooth connection. When connected to either a mobile device or a laptop via bluetooth, the latency becomes unbearably distracting. On top of this issue, when testing the microphone over a bluetooth connection, it was simply unusable. When wired, the microphone quality is ok, but no better than average. Therefore, ultimately due to its poor bluetooth performance, we've rated these one of the worst in terms of microphone performance. H

having led with the negatives, please read on for why this headset might be worth the investment, if bluetooth and microphone quality don’t affect your decision. The thing is, the audio quality is truly phenomenal, those 100mm drivers really set it apart from the rest in terms of sheer audio quality. It's easily the most true to life audio of any gaming headset I've ever tried. Having audio frequencies of 10-40,000Hz, I can't stress enough how good these sound. They blow the rest out of the water in terms of audio quality; it just lacks in some other areas that a lot of gamers may find important. If you are buying a headset to play online and chat with your friends and want a purely wireless connection, then there's others on this list better suited for you. But, if you're an audiophile and pure audio quality is what you're after, and you like to connect via bluetooth for music or podcasts, then you won't find better than the Audeze Mobius.

One of the stand out features of the Mobius is its 3D head tracking. If you're not familiar, head tracking is essentially real time audio processing that centers your audio where your display is. Meaning, if you're looking straight at your TV while wearing them, the audio sounds like it's coming from the TV/ straight ahead. If you turn your head left, the audio is processed to sound like it's coming from your right, keeping the sound centred to where your TV is in relation to your head position. This is particularly impressive when playing games like COD and other FPS games where sound direction is absolutely essential.