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Bohemia Interactive Talk 'DayZ' in 2020 + Basic Console Mod support coming!

Fresh off the heels of winning the "Better With Friends" category in the Steam Awards 2019. Bohemia Interactive give us some insight into the future plans for the title.

(Credit: DayZ cover art)

Now lets get this out of the way at the start - As those following The Bohemia Interactive team know, there has been a lot of animosity toward the developer following updates in 2019 that the team would again be shrinking, while also announcing a DLC for a game which some would argue, is still in BETA. However we are not here to dwell on the past.

The Future:

"The most important thing is that we are going to continue with the post-release support of DayZ in 2020."

Adam -

So what does that mean for the Survivors? It means stability fixes, Bug squashing and Quality of Life Improvements based on community feedback - they also tease at some extra content & features being on the way - but are holding off news until those features are closer to final release.

Game Update 1.07

Its right around the corner, slated for February 2020 and coming with some fixes, balance improvements, new amusement park locations in Chernarus, The Repeater Carbine, Bug fixes and some modding community support features. On the surface it is smaller than the 1.06 update, but still comes with some much needed Quality of Life improvements.

Stability Fixes:

  • Monitoring and taking action against issues with client to server connections across, PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes to issues that appeared in update 1.06 involving inventory allotment.

  • Fixes to Vehicle handling and the dreaded 'flying car' desync

Quality of Life:

  • Rebalancing items and weapons to increase use of items regarded uselss

  • Base Building having some new components added and the entire base building system being 'tweaked'

  • Making the overall environment more 'interesting'

  • Adjustments to the cooking systems including changes to the lifespan of cooking structures like fireplaces, adding a direct cook option for gas cookers, and the amount of time it takes to cook food being reduced.

  • Rebalancing current diseases and possibly adding newer ones.

Mod Support: [including some for consoles]

  • Modding access is being fully unlocked for console server owners to adjust the central economy and even add locations to their existing maps.

  • Animation rigs are being made available for Modders.

  • [PC] Server browser implementation in game to allow full mod support & accessibility

Teased Content:

  • New Firearms - possibly some from Alpha 0.63

  • Broken leg mechanic to be implemented

  • Livonia broken vehicles to replace the outdated and mostly useless Chernarus models

"While we will prioritise stability, bug fixing, and improving/balancing existing features this year, it does not necessarily mean there won't be anything new coming to the game."

Adam -

(Credit: DayZ promo art)

So, what do you think of Bohemia Interactive's outlook for the 2020? enough to keep you playing? Or too little, too late?

Share your opinion with a comment here or on our social media - or even share your opinions with Bohemia Interactive via the links below.

Peace out Survivors,

Luke Nixon

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