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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Review

By Gaming Australia

It’s that time of year when a new Call of Duty game is soon on it’s way. I do get excited as I love the franchise and this one, well, it feels right to me as I am a big fan of the Modern Warfare titles as well. This time around we get beta access to try it out and see what is it like?

I found the beta very fun and enjoyable especially when playing with friends, a few connection and lag issues here and there but nothing to ruin it for me as these were short lived.

Now the second week of the Beta felt a lot better and smoother compared to the first week and seems Infinity Ward are listening to the fan base which is a good sign.

Apart from the always updated maps, killstreaks and weapons like in every Call of Duty, we only got to try one or 2 maps in each mode and not all of the guns the game has to offer. These guns however feel very good and sound much better than ever before as the sound mechanics have improved a lot. I will focus on this more in the full release when I can try everything out. For now I will break down Modern Warfare's new game modes.

Ground War Mode.

If I was Dice I would be a bit worried as Modern Warfare has an explosive 64 player Ground War mode which is pretty much a direct copy of Battlefields conquest, there’s no denying that fact.

You have Tanks, APC’s, Helicopters & buggy’s on a large scale map.

Sometimes I would spawn on the enemy’s side or it would put me into a game which is nearly finished or half way through which is one of my cons about the game. Apart from that it is very fun and exciting and I see myself playing this mode a fair bit. Infinity Ward have seriously outdone themselves.

2v2 Gunfight/OSP.

Now this mode is very intense yet very rewarding as it pits 2 teams of 2 against each other for 6 rounds and the first to win 6 rounds wins.

You spawn with a random class of weapons and do whatever you can with what you have. In the OSP (On Site Procurements) version of this mode different weapons are scattered around the small 4 player based map making it a bit more intriguing as you don’t know what weapons your enemy’s have and vice versa.

Realism mode.

In realism mode everything is stripped down to give the matches a much more realistic feel, no mini map, no HUD and limited amount of health. This mode is something I felt quite in tune with being someone who likes to play hardcore mode but this doesn’t have the one shot one kill basis like your ordinary hardcore mode. Another other thing is that, you don’t know if you have killed your enemy as you get no notification to suggest that you have done so. Basically, you assume you have if you landed a few shots in them.

NVG(Night Vision Goggles) mode.

This particular mode I found interestingly fun as you fight on a map in the dark. Its basically realism mode, in the dark with only your Night Vision Goggles to help to see where your are going and to see enemies. now one thing I found interesting was you can’t exactly ADS (Aim Down Scope) like normal either as you rely heavily on the laser on your gun for aim.

These are the new additions to the Call of Duty franchise that have so far, been received well by the community and there’s this feel of excitement in the lead up to it’s official launch. I for one can’t wait so, bring on October 25th when we will be bringing you an updated and in full review of the full release.

Check out the games official story launch trailer here:

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