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DreamHack 2023: A Wrap Up

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Well... what a weekend! As you may know if you've read my PAX or TGX articles, I travelled from Adelaide to Melbourne to check out yet another gaming event, and this time I flew in to suss out DreamHack during April 28 - April 30.

This was my first DreamHack, and I think I can confidently say it was a huge success, with a lot of great memories attached to it. With massive crowds spanning across the 3 days, lots of goodies given away, and just a general sense of a love for all things gaming - be it video games, board games or Esports. From a large range of freeplay on gaming PC's and laptops, to watching intense matches of CS:GO, there was lots to see and play.

Oh, and not to mention when you walked down the concourse or went to the bathroom, video game soundtracks were playing on loop. From Assassin's Creed to Halo Reach, there was something for everyone to enjoy! So, here's my wrap up from DreamHack Melbourne 2023, and what went down.

ESL Challenge CS:GO Tournament

Throughout the 3 days, eight e-sport teams from around the globe competed in this CS:GO Tournament. These teams included Grayhound Gaming (Australia), Vertex ESC (Australia), Ecstatic (Denmark), Complexity (USA), Evil Geniuses Black (Canada\USA), Movistar Riders (Spain), Bad News Eagles (Kosovo) and Rare Atom (China) battled it out to claim the ultimate victory.

Throughout my schedule, I was able to sit in on a few matches and watch each team play at least once. All matches were genuinely a great watch, some a little intense, and the atmosphere from the crowd made the experience even better. I previously hadn't watched a tonne of Esports, but I think from now on I'm going to make more of an effort to do so.

After many intense matches, it boiled down to Movistar Riders and Bad News Eagles. Ultimately though, it was Movistar Riders who played their way to victory with a 2-0 win! Also a fun fact in case you weren't aware, Movistar Riders were actually a last minute replacement as Mongolian team, The MongulZ, were no longer able to compete in this tournament. So, yeah, well done Movistar Riders! (and also well done to each team that competed)

Movistar Riders claim the victory after a long three days

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greets/Signings included Esport teams to content creators, including;

  • Mop Garden

  • owldamone

  • Misfits

  • LCO GF Teams

  • Click Crew

  • Grayhound Signing

  • Trash Taste

  • LexiGraham, Ashanyx and Briziana

  • Vertex Signing

  • ToastRack

  • Bad News Eagles Signing

  • Movistar Riders signing

  • SideLogic

  • TSM

  • And our friend from Attack on Geek!

Check it out, and win a few goodies

Dispersed throughout the venue with gaming pc's, laptops and goodies to win included;

  • Monster Energy corner - Free cans of different Monster flavours, plus a haircut if you wanted!

  • DreamHack RPG = Spin to Win wheel. Players had to scan various QR codes around the event and collect points in order to spin that wheeeel (Yours truly managed to get a few prizes)

  • AOC



  • GOAT Club

  • LG Booth


  • MSI

Get your game on

Here's what players watched and played;

  • Valorant 5v5 Bracket play

  • Fortnite Bracket Play

  • Rocket League

  • Counter-Strike 2

  • Street Fighter

  • FGC casuals

  • Fortnite Solos Block #1

  • BYOC - Call of Duty 4v4 Bracket play | Fortnite Solos Heat #1

  • Smash Ultimate: Arcadian

  • Smash Ultimate Pool Play

  • Dragon Ball fighters Casuals/Pool

  • Guilty Gear Casuals

  • Street Fighter V | Tekken 7 Casuals

  • Archery Warz

  • Just Dance

  • Various board games

  • + consoles with various games

But that's not all!

  • Cosplay Iron Chef

  • Guilty Gear Strive Stream

  • Trash Taste Podcast

  • Twitch Streamer Battle

  • and even Trivia

Music Acts

On Friday and Saturday night, these music artists ended the night with a bang;

  • Brambles

  • Jade Zoe

  • Mashd N Kutcher

  • Godlands

  • Taffa

  • Luke Million

  • Foura


(Not sure if all ended up going ahead)

  • Strike a Pose! A Beginners Guide to posing for photos in costume

  • Building a community on twitch

  • LCO Allstars vs TSM

  • Gamergirls in streaming

  • Cosplay photography and posing

  • TeamOCE's guide to live streaming & content creation: A Q&A panel

  • The tools and techniques used to improve Esports teams

  • A guide to Overwatch Esports

  • LARP/immersive experiences

  • Michelle Pain Esports Psych

  • The Rise of Mobile Esports

  • JustBeCos presents the Wonderful, Exciting. Entertaining Beautiful Show

  • Parents in Esports - (We love supportive parents!)

  • DreamHack Melbourne Students Day

Plus of course, cosplay, videography and photography!

Overall, the three days were exciting, fun and tiring (but worth it). The best part about DreamHack though was whether you've been gaming since arcade machines, memory cards or if you're new to gaming - there was a bit of something for all types of players.

We hope you had an excellent time, managed to score some goodies, and made some awesome memories. Oh, and if you saw a person in a blue flannel dabbing on the 360 Photo Both on the Saturday - no you didn't lol. Until the next gaming event, happy gaming whatever platform you're playing on!

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