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EPOS Gaming Headsets - A headset for every occasion.

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

While EPOS might not be a particularly mainstream name in the gaming world, they are extremely renowned in the audio world. Formerly known as EPOS Sennheiser, they actually demerged into two separate entities last year; with EPOS continuing on with the great range of gaming headsets they have available.

Having never even given EPOS a second glance in the shops, I was recommended to give them a try by a Gaming Australia member Alaisdair Leith (Leithal). So give them a try I did. In fact, after reaching out to EPOS about our upcoming headset guide, they were extremely excited and confident that we would love their products, that they were generous enough to send 3 of their varieties. All very different and all great headsets in their own right. I truly believe there is an EPOS headset for just about every need.

Firstly, there is the EPOS Game One. The Game One is a wired headset, connected via a 3.5mm Aux cord and it can be used on just about any device. The Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, PC/Laptop and even a smartphone/tablet. Versatility sums up the Game One headset; with excellent audio realism, lightweight and minimalistic design, topped off with the comfort of it’s plush, padded ear cups and headband, this really is a great headset for just about any occasion (as long as being tethered is not an issue for you).

Secondly, let's talk about the GSP 370. The 370 can be summed up as simply an excellent headset. It's the undeniable king of battery life, with a massive 100 hours of rich, lag free, audio. There are massive ear cups for those of us with big heads/big ears and while the design is a little out there compared to some of the rival headsets, it's definitely not the worst looking headset we've tried. The GSP370 is compatible with most devices, connecting via either 3.5mm aux cable or the supplied wireless USB dongle. The GSP 370 offers audio frequency ranges (20Hz - 20,000Hz) that rival some of the most expensive gaming headsets on the market, ensuring you deep, crisp audio, whatever you're listening to. So, from a sound quality point of view, you are getting a major bang for your buck.

Lastly, and certainly not least - the GSP 670. Where do I even start with this one? It has all the qualities of the previous two (minus the 100 monster battery), plus much more. Boasting a much more modest 20hr battery, the GSP 670 offers rapid charging functionality; meaning only 7 minutes of charge time will give you over 2 hours of use. On top of that, we get bluetooth functionality that allows seamless, lag free use on mobile, laptops, tablets, plus the wireless and 3.5mm connectivity of the 370. Similarly designed to the GSP370, the 670 looks and feels about the same, with a few nuanced differences. The lack of features such as ANC hurt it a little but the noise isolation provided by the earcups themselves is top notch. Then we must talk about the audio. The first thing I want to mention which I think is a huge selling point for most, is the microphone. With a little tweaking in the EPOS Gaming Suite, you're able to turn this wireless microphone into a truly “broadcast quality microphone”. Next in the ‘pros list’ is the audio quality. This headset offers excellent high fidelity audio with a frequency range of 10-23,000Hz; with all sorts of tweaks that you can make via the EPOS Gaming Suite, the audio quality of the GSP670 is well and truly punching above its weight.

Prior to this, the EPOS range was one that I knew very little about. After trying them first hand they have certainly now got my attention. I'm extremely glad I had the opportunity to compare them and I challenge anyone to try all 3 and not find the perfect headset for their needs!

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