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EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Review

The EPOS H3Pro Hybrid is definitely on the higher end of the price scale when it comes to gaming headsets, and while that might be something many people will baulk at, there's also a whole bunch of reasons why this headset is worth the investment. There's nothing the H3Pro Hybrid doesn't do well. From a cleverly detachable mic, to ANC and even dual wireless connectivity, it does it all and does a damn good job at just about everything. There are however two downsides to the H3Pro Hybrid, and well, they are both in the same sort of ballpark as each other…

The EPOS H3 Pro Hybrid at a glance

  • Lag-free wireless with low-latency dongle​

  • Enhanced noise cancellation with ANC​

  • EPOS engineered audio​

  • Audio mixing between wired connections and Bluetooth®​

  • Dual microphones with detachable boom arm

  • Intuitive built-in volume control​

  • Lightweight adjustable fit​

  • Multi Platform compatibility

Firstly, EPOS headsets are almost always of the same vein. They are quite definitely a “gamer” headset and while they are probably targeted toward more everyday use than the majority of the EPOS lineup, they still have a specific gamer flair to them. Personally, I actually really love the design. As a gaming headset, it is very small and lightweight and the colours of the racing green and gold are not only extremely Australian, but they are super sleek and classy and while I don't know I would necessarily wear it as an “on-the-go” headset, I'm sure there are many people that would, and the option to do so is always a good one to have.

On the right ear cup you have the Bluetooth button, Volume wheel and the ANC switch and on the left ear cup you have the Power button, USB-C plug, 3.5mm AUX port and the detachable mic and while it sounds like there's a lot going on here, it is all placed very discreetly and in a way that really blends in quite nicely.

In terms of comfort, the H3Pro Hybrid is extremely comfortable, the lightweight design combined with a perfect amount of clamping force and the super soft ear cups really do make you forget you even have them on. Add in the size of the large ear cups and you've honestly got yourself one of the most comfortable headsets at your disposal. I personally I'm a big fan of the strap style headband such as the Corsair HS80, the Steelseries Arctis range or the HyperX Cloud Revolver S an I feel it removes a lot of the pressure on the top of your head, however I have to say, if more headsets were more like the H3Pro Hybrid, my opinion may be swayed. It has a great amount of padding and because of that lightweight design the pressure on your head is almost non-existent. On paper, this should be no different than your run of the mill headset, but for whatever reason the combination just works, and works REALLY well.

Speaking of the detachable mic, EPOS have done an amazing job with this one. Very rarely, if at all do you find a flip to mute mic that is detachable so the idea of this one excited me from the start. Not only does this microphone sound amazing, falling just short in my opinion of the Corsair HS80, which is my personal favourite gaming headset mic on the market, it's still absolutely a broadcast quality microphone. Your voice will sound clear and concise giving you team mates the absolute best chance at understanding your usually messy death comms. And honestly would make it a great option for anyone looking to start streaming and doesn't want to buy both a headset and a standalone mic straight away. When it comes to detachability, the H3Pro Hybrid does things a little differently. Almost all detachable mics are connected to the headset via 3.5mm AUX and are ever-present when connected. The H3Pro Hybrid is a flip to mute mic that is cleverly detachable. This mic is held in place simply with magnets and to detach all you have to do is pull it off. The plug where it would go is replaced by a plastic cover and the headset looks for all intents and purposes like it never had a mic to begin with.

The ANC is a nice feature on the H3Pro. Having used ANC headsets for over 12 months now, I honestly struggle a little when going back to ones without it. Luckily that's not an issue here, and while the ANC on the H3Pro Hybrid is not quite the best ANC I've used. It definitely impacts your experience in a very good way by blocking out some of that distracting background noise and making the subtle in-game sounds extremely clear and audible. I also want to mention the level of passive noise isolation the H3Pro Hybrid boasts, it's very rare that a headset with fabric on the earcup surface does such a good job but this one does. It really blocks out a substantial amount of background noise and really does a lot of the heavy lifting for the ANC to function properly.

Let's talk about the 2 things I don't like about this headset and how they're connected. The first is battery life… EPOS claims the H3Pro Hybrid should get around 30 hours of battery life with the ANC off, which is already pretty average in my opinion, especially when the likes of the EPOS GSP370 boasts a massive 100 hours. But this 30 hours drops significantly to 19 hours with ANC on. To further hamper your battery life, a simultaneous connection of USB to console and Bluetooth to mobile device, I was honestly getting much closer to 10 hours rather than the advertised 30 or even 19. This is a bit of a downer and lead to me needing to charge almost every night. The main reason for this, is that the H3Pro has EPOS’ smart power technology built in, where even when the headset is manually turned off it is also still sorta “on” in a way that allows it to still be used as a Bluetooth headset and connect to your phone automatically. Which is the second thing I dislike about this headset. This ever present Bluetooth connection is super aggressive. Not only did it lead to my headset battery dying every night but a few times the headset almost forced itself upon me and my mobile listening. There were times I'd turn my console and headset off, go lay in bed with my air pods in and the phone would somehow still be connected to the gaming headset almost half a house away. Don't get me wrong, the range is impressive, I just don't want it. It's not a feature I feel we need, especially in a headset that only lasts 15 hours on average. These are the only 2 issues I have with the headset so you decide if they are deal breakers for you. Personally, they are minor annoyances due to me being very routine about charging my headsets, they don't stop me from loving the headset overall.

If not for the fact that it's so aggressive and always on, the dual connectivity is an excellent feature. One that a lot of headsets are starting to have but one that most fail to execute as well as the EPOS. The only other headset that I've tested that does it better is the JBL, and that's mainly because the JBL Quantum 800, once you turn it off, it's off and isn't creeping on you in the background.

One side note I feel is worth mentioning in terms of the battery life, is that, while it only lasts around 15 hours on average, it also only takes 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. Something you can also do whilst using them, which is something some headsets can not do.

Back then to what the H3Pro Hybrid does well, and by well, I mean VERY well. EPOS are known for their audio quality, having been teamed up with Sennheiser as recently as 2020 but have since moved away from the Sennheiser name to continue to make some excellent audio devices solely under the EPOS banner. So it's no surprise here then that the H3Pro Hybrid is a fantastic sounding headset. I mean, there's not a lot of gaming headsets on the market that do it better in my opinion, this includes some “audiophile” quality headsets that we've tested. The GSP670 is already one of my go to daily headsets of a few I have on rotation, simply for the fact they sound amazing and the microphone is incredible. Well in my opinion, the H3PRo Hybrid sound even clearer than the GSP670 largely in part to the ANC which only further highlights just how good EPOS audio really is. Footsteps in COD are precise and very directional whilst not taking any rumble or depth away from those explosions and gunfire. Honestly, the H3Pro Hybrid is one of the best sounding headsets I've tested.

Overall the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid headset is one of the best gaming headsets on the market, its comfortable, it sounds great, its extremely versatile and the microphone is truly broadcast quality and detachable. If you have money in your budget and want something a little more high end and consistently good at all the important things then the H3Pro Hybrid is definitely a headset you should consider. Or if you're starting out a stream and you only have the budget for either a good headset or a standalone mic then this is also worth a look. While it will cost you around $400, you wont get many better combinations of sound quality and mic quality for the same price. Only losing points in our score for that average battery life and annoying always on Bluetooth connection. This truly is one of the best headsets I've tested and one of the most consistent across the board. Only let down by the below average battery life and a price tag that will put many people off.

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