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EPOS Sennheiser GSX 300 Review

Sennheiser are dominating the audio world of gaming with their wireless headsets that I can’t get enough of. The GSP headset is my go to on the PS4 and PC when gaming and the battery life and sound quality is amazing. Following that up is an external sound card, the GSX 300. Now prior to this if you told me there was an external sound card I would have had no idea what you were talking about. I also did just purchase a shiny new PC and have a fantastic sound card that when paired with the GSP headset produced an incredible quality sound. So could this little usb attachment do any better? I was surprised to say unequivocally yes, yes it sure can. The sound quality this sound card pushed out to my GSP headset (and others I tested it on!) is extremely noticeable. There are a ton of pre-loaded modes that you control through the EPOS Gaming Suite on your PC that help you customise your sound. The GSX 300 is a total surprise and a must have for audiophiles and anyone who doesn’t want to shell out a few hundred dollars for a new headset.

One of the best thing about the unit is the small and compact design. It was a lot smaller than I was expecting and fit in nicely when it was nestled into my desk or on top of my PC tower. There are only a few connection holes at the back with a micro usb connection for power and an 3.5mm audio connection to plug your headset into the sound card. There aren’t any buttons to press or bluetooth connections which after the constant fight between my Razer headset and Xbox plug and play usb stick, this was a welcome relief.

I reviewed this while using my main headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM3 grey over ears. Now these already offer up a really solid audio experience but I have never used the audio jack to listen to audio before this. It was the simplest process of plug and play, the headphones connected to the GSX 300 and after adjusting a few dials and settings on the Gaming Suite on my PC I was off and ready to go.

Across the suite of games I was currently playing varied from Stardew Valley, Planet Zoo, The Division 2 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The game that stood out to me the most was The Division 2. Hearing the crunching as my character walked around, gunshots and bullets firing off into the distance and coming towards me all came through the sound card and blended with the Sony headphones seamlessly.

Beyond the preset EQ settings, you can really drill down on bass and treble and change settings for Esports that deliver more of a treble experience. There is also a setting for virtual 7.1 surround sound. While my headset did already support this, the quality that this mode puts out is spectacular. I watch a few 4K trailers on YouTube and the output felt like I was at the movies.

If like me you are totally unqualified and unwilling to open up your PC and try to upgrade the sound card, this is the perfect solution to up your audio game. The unit itself is small and compact so it doesn’t infringe on your space. The quality is also phenomenal. I was really surprised at the spacial audio output that this sound card delivered using my existing headphones. It is well priced at just over $100 so if you love your headphones like you do, this is a fantastic option to up your audio game on PC.

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Review by Alaisdair Leith

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