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Farming Simulator 22 Review


Developer: GIANTS Software

Publisher: GIANTS Software/ Five Star Games

Reviewed on: PlayStation 5

Also available on: PS4, Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One, PC

Release: 22nd November 2021

Rating: G

Price: $79.95


Farming is something that takes time, understanding and is rewarding when done correctly. GIANTS Software’s Farming Simulator 22 takes time, understanding and is rewarding when played with such patience. There’s a very calm aesthetic and realism that spans the entire experience, which is the very thing that holds it together.

To start off, there’s an exceptional array of vehicles and equipment. Each piece of equipment serves a specific purpose to a process and will also have a range of different functions in different contexts. This is reflected in the controls where you’re able to seamlessly switch between modes. On top of this, each object is authentically presented with a careful attention to detail. This adds a heightened level of immersion and believability.

When farming crops specifically, you need to pay attention to the seasonal data to determine which crops are actually viable to grow and which aren’t. If the conditions are wrong, you’ll have a dud field and you’ll need to clear it and start again but if they’re just right, your field will flourish and you’ll be able to harvest a hefty amount. You can then take your harvest and sell it in order to afford more vehicles and equipment to hopefully collect an even greater harvest next time.

Selling your product is done by loading it into a transport truck and driving it to a store or distributor. The map in which you drive across is massive. It’s filled with long stretches of land that look photo-real in structure as well as winding highways with strips of stores along the way. Everything is just built and designed in such a convincing way. Does it boast the highest level of fidelity on PS4? No, but it also doesn’t have to. When you drive around the map with the environment in your periphery, it feels real.

If you want to be a little more efficient you can hire an A.I worker that can complete tasks for you. You can also hop straight to any worker and takeover at any point. It’s super helpful if you don’t feel like doing every task yourself all the time and it’s perfect for multitasking.

The only drawback in this game is that the menu systems can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially in the beginning. Initially, you’re thrown into the farm land of your choosing and then you’re met with a lengthy tutorial that throws a lot at you very quickly. If you miss some specific detail, it can be quite a search to look up that piece of info. None of this is a huge problem in the grand scheme of things but it could be an obstacle in the beginning.

Farming Simulator 22 is a great game if you just want to relax and farm all sorts of products. Everything’s cleverly designed and you don’t have to do every single step yourself. Whether you’re familiar with the series or brand new to it, you honestly can’t wrong with just chilling out on your own farm.

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