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Full PS5 Specs revealed

Sony, this morning held a presentation revealing the full specs of its upcoming "next gen console". While it seems very similar to the Xbox Series X specs there are some very important differences.

Despite knowing for a while now what the Xboz Series X will look like, we still don't know what the PS5 design will be, a lot of people thought we would get a look at that today. They were wrong!

Sony did however reveal the full specs for the upcoming console including a few surprises.

Firstly let's check out a full list of specs vs the PS4 for comparison:

Now for the real comparison, the PS5 vs Xbox Series X:

As you can see there is a few key differences, the Xbox beating out Sony in terms of technical CPU and GPU power. However its the actual numbers behind the PS5's HDD that sets the 2 apart. While Sony chose to go with a 825GB SSD compared to the 1TB in the Xbox its the speed of the 825GB that aims to make loading screens a thing of the past. 4. 2GB of data can be loaded in one quarter of a second, meaning that in theory, the entirety of PS5's 16GB can be filled in just two seconds.

There's a lot of information to comb through and I'll try and bring you guys a full comparison and full run down if the specs later today, however know this. Next gen will be awesome. I'm a little dissapointed that we don't have a better idea of the design of the PS5 however what we do know i am extremely happy about.

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