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Gaming Australia Gives It's Seal Of Approval

At Gaming Australia, we are committed to providing understandable and easy to access advice and reviews on all the need to know Gaming products! In an effort to make your purchasing life easier, we have introduced a range of recognisable badges to our reviews. These badges sum up our thoughts about a product; giving you access to a concise and clear opinion before delving into the detailed advice. One of the badges you are likely to have seen already, if you take advantage of our product and game reviews on our website, is the ‘Recommended Product’ badge. This depicts the fact that we can personally attest for the quality, after trialling and testing the product ourselves. This aims to make your decision to buy a product so much easier or even just assist you with knowing where to start/narrow the list down.

As well as the roll out of these badges, we are introducing the Gaming Australia product awards and guides. We will trial, test and seek feedback, in order to award such titles such as ‘Game of the year’ or ‘Product of the year’ etc. This information will be made available to you, and if successful will become an ongoing program for Gaming Australia and it’s members. The first guide that we are excited to share with you soon, is the 2021 Gaming Australia Headset Guide. Headsets are one of the most asked about purchases within our group; so how will your favourites stack up?

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