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Gaming Australia's Top 10 Action Must Plays

There are some games that stand above the competition when it comes to action, be it in options for destruction, replay-ability or just plain old firing a minigun out of a 2nd storey window fun, these are some action titles, we believe, stand above the competition.

10. Serious Sam (HD)

Serious Sam HD is the HD remaster of the 2001 classic Serious Sam: The First Encounter – featuring high adrenaline FPS gameplay with optional cooperative arcade action. Fight your way through waves of enemies as Sam in a fun arcade shooter remastered for a new generation to enjoy [Steam Link]

9. Half Life 2

Touted as one of the greatest games of all time, Half-Life 2 is a must play for any action game lover, featuring a varied arsenal of weapons, abilities and puzzles to keep the action fresh while also not lacking in narrative. This title from 2004 was an absolute pioneer with the Source 2 engine behind it and garnered over 50 game of the year awards. [Steam Link]

8. Metro Collection

The Metro series takes place in a post-apocalyptic Russia following Artyom, a survivor living in the underground metro network. This FPS game is filled with tension, suspense & action, with many situations giving you multiple choices of approach – guns blazing and chew through valuable ammo? Clean and quiet? Or maybe just letting that patrol go? At the end of the day you decide, but be warned, there are multiple endings depending on what you choose to do. [Steam Link]

7. Far Cry Collection

The original Far Cry released in 2004 to critical acclaim, since then the FPS series has gone strength to strength releasing 9 titles as of 2019. The majority of Far Cry games see you in a situation where you have to fight your way out using an arsenal of weapons and gear with multiple ways to tackle each encounter. Through the use of traps, clever mechanics and unlockable abilities you’ll fight your way through tropical islands, the African plains even in the US of A. [Steam Link]

6. Vanquish

Vanquish is fast-paced, third person fun in a battle-suit, that sees you power-sliding beyond the enemy line to blow the heads off some tin-cans fighting for a Russian separatist - and looking slick while doing it! Action is what this game is all about, and there’s plenty of it across the multiple Acts of Russian robot wrecking destruction, where taking cover is discouraged and rocket sliding is rewarded. [Steam Link]

5. Bioshock - Collection

Filled with FPS action, the original Bioshock sees you explore the decrepit ruins of Rapture, the underwater art deco metropolis, while utilizing an extensive and unique arsenal of weapons and super human abilities thanks to human experimentation. The sequel, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock infinite see you take on new adventures with new mechanics and abilities worth experiencing without a foreword. So, why not start with a trip in a Bathysphere down to rapture? [Steam Link]

4. Bloodborne

A festering blight grips the city of Yharnam, a hunter is needed to root It out. Bloodborne pits you against many half decaying foes, armed with a plethora of armaments in Victorian meets Warhammer style. Do you enjoy using oversized blades to cleave Werewolves skulls? Do you enjoy finding hidden secrets and lore scattered through the world? Do you enjoy the pain of making one false step and having to begin an entire area again? Then I welcome a fellow masochistic hunter, this is the game for you. [PlayStation Link]

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty returns in style, with Captain Price again at the helm in an all new reimagining of the original Modern Warfare. The weapons feel better, the effects sound better, the arsenal is enormous with customisation out the ying-yang, the multiplayer modes keep every match at maximum intensity, the campaign is worth playing again, and it all comes packaged with the all new Free-to-Play ‘Warzone’ Battleroyale that allows gear you’ve earnt in the main game to carry across! This is truly a return to form for Call of Duty. [Blizzard Store]

2. God of War (2018)

This Game-of-the-year winner of 2018 sees the return of Kratos, albeit older and wiser, but still more than prepared to put the gods in their place. God of War takes place some years after the previous title where Kratos had begun a life of seclusion away from his past, but no dream lasts forever. You’re quickly cast into battle pitting yourself against hellish creatures with Kratos’ magical axe, and utilizing his son Atreus as an excellent supporting companion. Progression leads to levelling both characters while following the quest bestowed by Kratos’ recently deceased wife, but all quests tend to be filled with unexpected surprizes. [PlayStation Store]

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto has always been an Action RPG household name – usually for the same reasons as your mother telling you not to play with THAT kid - but boy has it earned its place at number 1. GTAV is the latest instalment in the GTA franchise that sees you controlling 3 protagonists on an ever-escalating journey into the underbelly of Los Santos filled with drugs, money, women and guns. But that’s just the start of it – introducing GTA: Online – the online version of GTAV that has kept this title in the top 20 best selling games since its release in 2013. GTA: Online expands on what the base campaign has to offer with more vehicles, customisation, properties, and of course GUNS, guns, GUUUNS! The greatest part is that you get to use those guns to maim, dismember, incapacitate and otherwise kill other players in an endless mosh pit of fast cars from Death-race, aerial dogfights and sniping showdowns. So get into the game that has lasted an entire console generation at the forefront and still continues updating today! [Steam Link]

So did you enjoy this list? What games do you think we missed?

let us know in the comments or on our social media channels.

Luke Nixon


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