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Halo Infinite Two Modes Revealed

After the extremely poor reception last year Halo Infinite is back promising a graphical overhaul and showing off some brand new footage that while still cinematic footage, looks like a drastic improvement over last years showcase.

While we didn't get a solid release date apart from Holiday 2021, the game will have two modes with the single player campaign available day of release on Xbox Gamepass and a seperate multiplayer mode that is free for all. Just to clarify, you do not need Gamepass to play the new multiplayer Halo game, anyone with an Xbox or PC can jump on and play completely free of charge.

The multiplayer game will run at 120 FPS and the trailers really show off the range of guns and gameplay that players can expect from the upcoming title.

Watch below

Halo Multiplayer

Campaign Trailer


SummerSale Vertical.jpg
SummerSale Vertical.jpg
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