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iPhone 15 Pro Review

iPhone 15 Pro Review Let me start this review by saying, I've been a bit of a die-hard Samsung user for quite a while now. The sleek design, impressive displays, and cutting-edge camera technology have always drawn me towards Samsung's smartphones. However, the arrival of the iPhone 15 Pro has left me considering a permanent change in allegiance. Don't get me wrong, I still don't love Apples technique of strongarming its customers into adopting its entire ecosystem. However there's plenty about this phone that is making me consider doing so.

The iPhone 15 line-up by no means, reinvents the wheel when it comes to design, but having said that, it doesn't really have to. Apple has maintained its signature sleek and minimalistic design with the iPhone 15 Pro as it has in previous generations. The front and back are constructed with Ceramic Shield glass, offering better drop protection compared to previous models. However this time rather than opting for a stainless steel outer band, Apple have gone for a much more sturdy titanium band which also makes the phone almost 10% lighter than last year's model which had that stainless steel band. The edges of the screen are now more rounded compared to previous models, which adds a significant amount of hand comfort when holding the phone. This is something Samsung has done well for years, so it's nice to see Apple finally follow suit.

The iPhone 15 Pro has the same super retina XDR display as last year and boasts a stunning ProMotion OLED display with adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz. The 6.1-inch screen delivers vibrant colours, deep blacks, and excellent brightness, making it ideal for both daily tasks and media consumption. The True Tone feature ensures that the display's colours are always perfectly balanced, providing a visually pleasing experience

Compared to previous generations that I’ve used, this display is a significant improvement. It's more responsive, with smoother scrolling and enhanced touch sensitivity. The high refresh rate adds to the overall fluidity of the user experience. While Samsung has long been known for its exceptional displays, the iPhone 15 Pro is more than a worthy competitor in this department.

As a devoted Samsung user, I've always been extremely impressed with Samsung's camera technology, and for good reason. The iPhone 15 Pro, however, does not disappoint in the photography department. The triple-camera setup includes a 48MP main camera with a 24mm, f/1.78 aperture, a 12MP ultra-wide camera offering a 120° field of view, and a 12MP x 2 telephoto camera. The images captured are sharp, detailed, and exhibit impressive colour accuracy. Apple has a knack for producing images that are pleasing to the eye, with a balance of contrast and saturation that's appealing.

The iPhone 15 Pro falls quite significantly short in terms of its zoom capabilities. Samsung's telephoto lenses provide much better optical zoom and image stabilization. However, it's important to note that for most users, the differences in these aspects may not be significant enough to sway their decision.

The differences in camera performance, while quite significant in specific scenarios, do not outweigh the iPhone 15 Pro's overall camera experience, from the speed in which you can capture images to the overall feel of the camera app, there's just something about the iPhone experience that makes it feel better than that of the Samsung.

iOS is renowned for its smooth and glitch-free operation. The iPhone 15 Pro embodies this reputation. Whether you're navigating through the user interface, running resource-intensive applications, or multitasking, the device handles it all with grace.

Another critical aspect of the iPhone’s reliability is software optimization. Apple's apps and services are integrated seamlessly into the iOS ecosystem. Whether you're using FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, or the new Focus feature, it all works together like a well-oiled machine. This level of integration is something Samsung struggles to match with its various apps and services.

The solid performance and reliability of the iPhone 15 Pro provide peace of mind, knowing that the device will remain responsive and dependable over time. For me, this level of reliability was a decisive factor in making the switch.

For years, Apple has stubbornly clung to its proprietary Lightning port. However, the iPhone 15 range brings a much-needed change by adopting the much more widely used USB-C. With USB-C, you can use the same cables and chargers for your iPhone, iPad, gaming devices, air pods and even some laptops. It's a step towards simplifying your tech setup and reducing cable clutter.

While the iPhone 15 Pro excels in so many aspects, its battery life is a mixed bag. The device is powered by a 3095mAh battery, which, while not huge, is managed quite efficiently by Apple's software. For most users, the iPhone 15 Pro will last a full day if managed properly. I found myself having to turn off background refresh and tinkering with a few other settings to get it to last all day. Previously, I was lucky to get to 5pm before having to place my phone into low power mode. Now I comfortably get through the day with 20-30% remaining.

One of the subtle, yet impressive, additions to the iPhone 15 Pro is the Action Button. In typical Apple fashion, this button offers users a very premium experience. It's not just a button; it's a versatile tool that can be customized to perform various tasks.

The tactile feel of the Action Button is exceptional. It offers a satisfying click, and the responsiveness is instant. Whether you're launching apps, taking quick photos, or using it as a quick shortcut to your favourite app, this button adds an extra layer of convenience and efficiency to the user experience. I'll be honest, I keep mine on silent toggle for the most part, however it's good to have the option and the ability to change it on the fly makes it very useful in different situations.

Now, lets talk about gaming performance. Apple touted the 15 Pro and Pro Max range as powerful gaming devices, capable of playing AAA games in high resolution at high fps with all the bells and whistles such as ray tracing turned on. I am here to say that gaming on the iPhone 15 Pro is nothing short of incredible. The device's powerful A15 Bionic chip, combined with the ProMotion display, ensures that it can in fact “theoretically'' handle even the most demanding AAA games with ease. I've been amazed at how smoothly it runs high-end titles, delivering a level of performance that rivals dedicated gaming consoles and PCs. With upcoming releases like "Assassins Creed Mirage," "Resident Evil 4," and "Resident Evil Village" on the horizon, I'm very excited by the chance to dive into these immersive worlds with my iPhone 15 Pro and Backbone combination. The advanced graphics, responsive controls, and the convenience of gaming on a mobile platform make it an exciting time for mobile gaming enthusiasts like myself. I will be writing a separate, in-depth review on gaming performance once I've had a chance to spend more time with some of these titles that supposedly run at high resolution at 60fps with things like ray tracing turned on. If true, the iPhone could be an absolute game changer for mobile gaming.

Overall, the iPhone 15 Pro deserves a lot of praise. It has managed to convince me to make the permanent switch to Apple. The camera may not outperform Samsung in every aspect, but it's still more than capable and I'd say overall, as a complete package it's a better all round experience than the Galaxy range.

The iPhone 15 Pro's battery life could be better, but it's a compromise I'm willing to accept for all the other benefits it provides. The iPhone 15 Pro is a solid 9.5/10 It's a device that seamlessly integrates into your daily life and offers a level of reliability that's hard to match.

Note on the FineWoven Case: I also got one of the New Fine Woven cases with my iPhone and contrary to what some other reviewers have said, I absolutely love it. It's not just about aesthetics; it adds a practical texture and grip to the phone, making it comfortable to hold. I haven't encountered any issues with its durability. It's a case that enhances both the form and function of the iPhone.

Whether you're a dedicated Apple fan or a Samsung enthusiast, I'd highly recommend giving the iPhone 15 Pro a chance. It's more than an excellent device; it's an experience that's hard to resist, and it's convinced me to make the permanent switch to Apple.

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