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JBL Quantum 810 Review

The JBL Quantum 800 just received the “level up” treatment from JBL making what is in our opinion the best all round gaming headset on the market even better. The now named Quantum 810 is essentially the same gaming headset that was released back in 2020 with a few very important improvements.

Last year I reviewed the JBL Quantum 800, and in turn started my love affair with JBL products. I now run almost exclusively using JBL products for all my gaming audio needs. I use the JBL Quantum One for my PC headset, JBL Quantum Duo for my desktop audio, The JBL Quantum 800 for my PS5 audio, JBL Tour PRO + TWS earbuds for Nintendo switch and mobile audio and the JBL 5.0 Soundbar for much improved TV audio. Needless to say, I love the JBL range of products, their headsets are generally one of the most comfortable headsets I've tested, the audio is excellent and they are packed with more features than you can poke a stick at. So when JBL offered me the chance to review a levelled up version of my favourite headset, I immediately said yes.

Let's talk about the new features a little before talking about the headset overall for those who have no idea about them. For those that have, you'll notice a lot of the information throughout the review is taken from our review for the 800 as like previously mentioned they are largely the same headset aside from the new improvements.

Firstly we have the smaller USB dongle, which might not seem like a huge improvement, and honestly it's not, it has no real benefit to the user other than the aesthetic of having a much smaller USB dongle jutting out the front of their console. Then we have a much improved battery life and the ability to charge and play meaning there are literally no limits to how long you can game using the Quantum 810.The battery life itself is increased from 14 hours on the Quantum 800 to an advertised 40 hours on the Quantum 810 and honestly I’ve found it to be much closer to 50 personally. The ability to play and charge is also a welcomed addition. Meaning that when you do eventually run out of battery power you can simply plug it in and keep going until it's charged, something the 800 couldn't do and to be honest, should have been able to do, especially given the 14 hour battery life.

Hands down, the JBL Quantum 810 is one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve tested. Just like the 800, it is relatively lightweight, it has super plush ear cups and it has a very balanced level of clamping force. The addition of ANC and the materials of the earcups keep your ears extremely isolated to any noise going on around you. This all leads to a very immersive and very comfortable experience meaning long gaming sessions don't lead to discomfort or headaches.

The design is one of those categories that is very subjective. Everybody has different tastes and everybody is looking for something specific. In my opinion, this is probably the nicest headset we tested. It manages to look both “futuristic”, whilst keeping a sleekness to how it’s designed. I absolutely love the RGB lights, they add a real touch of personality to the headset without being too out there with bright flashy colours. Of course these RGB lights are fully customisable using the JBL Quantum software; customisations range from simply turning the RGB lights off, having them all flash different colours, or being able to select from a huge range of combinations and colours. I absolutely love the design however, this is also where I find my first downside, the fact that the microphone is not removable. It’s such a shame that a headset with such amazing portability and perfect design (making it a headset you could very well wear in public) has this very obvious looking microphone attached. While you can flip the microphone up, it is still very much a reason that I would never wear them in public.

The button placement on the ear cups is extremely intuitive, the power on and off is easy to use and the ability to mix both chat and game audio on the fly is super useful.


The connectivity of this headset is second to none. Name a device, it is compatible in some way or another. Not only this, but the features available on these devices are also incredible. Simultaneous connectivity is an extremely useful feature, specifically for gamers or video editors etc. It allows you to play your game on your PC/console using the USB dongle and still be connected to your mobile phone or laptop to receive phone calls and other audio. I was able to play Call of Duty Warzone and concurrently talk to my wife on the phone at the same time. I was able to hear both super clearly and when I wanted to hear one a little more I simply adjusted the mix using the scrolling wheel on the side of the ear cup. Other headsets have this feature, but the Quantum 800 and 810 absolutely do it the best of any headset I've tested. For example, some headsets do it, but will completely pause your game audio when a call comes in, and some prioritise game sound over the call making the call super hard to hear. The Quantum one truly has the balance down to a fine art.

Audio Quality & Spatial Sound:

The JBL Quantum 810 is a great sounding headset. Playing games like COD, the footsteps are very directional and purposeful, while explosions and gunshots sound fantastic. There's a very important setting in the software that makes all the difference. While JBL Quantum sphere is great on the JBL Quantum One due to its head tracking capability, the audio seems somewhat “tinny” and distant, when watching movies etc. That is until you switch the spatial sound from JBL QuantumSurround to DTS, and the audio quality is great.

The software’s EQ settings are very useful; with a setting for FPS which enhances those footsteps and other movement sounds that make all the difference in gameplay. However, that ability to cycle these EQ settings remotely from the software is something every headset should have.

Microphone Quality:

The microphone Quality on the JBL Quantum 810 is every bit a broadcast quality mic and is beaten only by the EPOS GSP 670. For a wireless headset though, the thing is remarkable. The supporting software could be a little better, but it is absolutely a headset you could use for calls, streaming, chatting to your friends, etc. The flip to mute, while super useful, is standard on most headsets these days. I would have just liked a bit better noise cancellation similar to the GSP 670 and it could well be the best microphone we have tried.


This is the section that sets it apart from the rest. The ANC, is the best of any headset I've tried, and really helps reduce ear fatigue in those long gaming sessions. The Talk Through, is super useful and the ability to connect to 2 devices simultaneously, is executed to perfection. Other headsets give you the ability to do the same, but drop game audio when talking one the phone, and others just sound terrible. The Quantum 810 gives you ultra control. The microphone sounds clear as a whistle, the mix of game and chat audio is fully customisable on the fly using the controls on the headset itself and you still get that directional sound in game, which is a massive game changer for me. The additions of Play and charge and an improved battery life really do make this one of the most feature packed headsets on the market.

The bottom line:

The JBL Quantum 810 is an absolute stand out contender in every single category. It looks great, sounds great, and feels even better. It’s packed with all the features you can poke a stick at and is priced surprisingly well for what you're getting. I would hands down recommend this headset to everyone. Unless you're looking for a wired headset, then I'd tell you to buy the JBL Quantum One. The improvements that have been made to the 810 if nothing else show me that JBL are listening to their customers and the biggest complaints we (and a lot of others) had about the Quantum 800 have been rectified in this “level up”

At the time of posting this review the Quantum 810 is on sale at JB-HiFi for just $229 which is a very handy little $120 saving. You can buy it here...

How we rated it: (each category out of 10)

  • Design - 9.5

  • Connectivity - 9.5

  • Audio Quality - 9

  • Spatial Sound - 10

  • Mic Quality - 9

  • Comfort - 9.5

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Silent 84
Silent 84
Dec 25, 2022

i did buy them from saturn Germany(169 euro), they are very heavy, i have headaches from them, i will return them after holidays, terrible experience!

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