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Leaked live-action PS5 ad could mean more details about the console are on the way.

Playstation Hungary seem to have accidentally aired an upcoming live-action TV ad for the PS5 early, meaning, we could soon be getting more information on the consoles release date and price, and that a release campaign could be just around the corner.

The ad which was posted on the Playstation Hungary Youtube channel before being quickly rectified concentrated around the upcoming consoles 3-D sound and haptic feedback. Surely if Playstation are playing around with these ads in the background, that means they cant be far away from being unleashed around the world, right? This is purely speculation, but I'm presuming the ad was intended to be a "scheduled post" to be automatically uploaded at a later date, and that someone accidentally clicked post on a little too early.

We still wait with baited breath for a release date and price for the PS5. Hopefully, this ad means an announcement is just around the corner.

check out the video here:


SummerSale Vertical.jpg
SummerSale Vertical.jpg
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