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Review aggregator Metacritic has revealed its Metascore for Paper Mario: The Origami King, which launches on July 17, 2020.

At press time, Paper Mario: The Origami King has received an aggregated Metascore of 80. The game received 16 positive critic reviews and 5 mixed critic reviews.

Are you gonna be picking up a copy ased on the score? let us know by leaving a comment.

Have a look at some of the reviews below:

There are no paper cuts in store for you here. Paper Mario: The Origami King is as smooth as butter. I expected an epic journey as the franchise has provided in the past, but I had no clue I would fall in love with this game as much as I have. If you’re a Switch owner, you can’t miss it. And if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing one, The Origami King proves the grass really is greener on the other side. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems hooked Paper Mario up to the defibrillator, delivered 3000 volts to his chest, and now I’m here to tell you – Our boy is gonna live!

Vooks – 90

That level of creativity, imagination and personality is at the heart of what makes The Origami King such a fantastic ride. There is so much heart, joy and humour seeping from every fold that it is impossible not to have a good time. The way overall character progression works may fumble, but every other aspect of this adventure is concentrated happiness from start to finish. It excels with hilarious writing, charming presentation, inventive boss battles and a superbly paced blend of activities. This latest entry is the most fun I have had with Paper Mario since The Thousand-Year Door, and I had a smile on my face the whole time.
Paper Mario: The Origami King is a solid, but unremarkable sequel. It’s like a table of snack food at a party, where you’ll happily nibble away just because you’re stood next to it or feeling a bit peckish, but it’s not exactly going to fill you up. The new battle puzzles and the boss fights in particular stand out, but the world and endless Toads fail to spark the same delight. This feels like a missed opportunity.

EGM – 60

Paper Mario: The Origami King once again takes the series in a completely different direction. Mushroom Kingdom is bigger and more alive than it’s ever been, but it comes packaged with a combat system that quickly becomes stagnant.

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