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Logitech G502 Hero Mouse Review

Before I tell you why, let me start this review by making the statement that the Logitech G502 Hero is hands down the best mouse I have ever used to date…

I have tried a fair few mice in my day, including some excellent and some rather unimpressive mice, but the G502 Hero has absolutely made me fall in love with Logitech mice once again.

The G502 Hero’s features include the following:

  • Next generation Hero Sensor

  • Precision tracking up to 16,000DPI

  • Zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration

  • 11 programmable buttons

  • Dual hyperfast scroll wheel

  • Logitech G LIGHTSYNC technology (customizable RGB)

  • Additional weights

Logitech is a brand synonymous with keyboards and mice, among other things. Whether it be in an office environment or a gaming environment, most of us would have experienced Logitech accessories at some point. Some of which are fantastic, some of which are not so great. For instance, I bought a G19s keyboard and it virtually turned me off Logitech as I had nothing but issues with it. However over the last couple of years, Logitech's reliability seems to have increased 10 fold. Nothing displays this new level of quality more than the G502 Hero. This little mouse is phenomenal.

In terms of everyday use, the G502 Hero is just so damn perfect. It feels great, it has adjustable weights to suit every person's needs and it just performs great overall. Adjustable sensitivity allows you to really fine tune it to your preference, there's nothing worse than either an overly sensitive mouse or indeed a sluggish feeling one. The G502 Hero is neither of these. It feels both silky smooth and that adjustable sensitivity means it responds perfectly to your touch.

Now as gamers, we want to know how it performs for a gamer. The G502 Hero is once again phenomenal. I can honestly say I noticed a distinct improvement in my gaming performance going from my regular mouse to this. Its perfect shape, including a perfectly shaped and placed thumb rest, mean hours of gaming without ever getting tired or sore. The button clicks feel nice, but the biggest thing for me was the programmable buttons. There are 11 in total, each one positioned perfectly and each providing a much needed edge on the battlefield. Making being out scoped a thing of the past.

Having tried many mice in my time including the not so good Kogan mice to the fantastic Aftershock Hexar and even the Logitech G700s which are both great products, I'd honestly say the G502 Hero is as good as if not better than them all despite the massive price difference with some.

Let's talk about RGB lighting. One thing the G502 Hero does better than most mice is the RGB lighting. It somehow manages to add that little bit of colour to your setup, but still remains very understated. The simple illumination of the synonymous G logo is a perfect addition to any build.

The other thing I love about the G502 Hero - despite the fact it makes me indecisive AF, is the ability to add and subtract weight from the unit. This is another massive factor into making the G502 Hero your own. Sometimes I find myself craving a heavier weighted mouse so I add the weights and sometimes (especially when gaming) I find myself wanting something a little more lightweight and a little more zippy feeling. The G502 Hero is literally the best of both worlds and can be personalised at any time.

To me, the G502 Hero is just about the perfect mouse. Sure the lack of "wirelessness" hurts it slightly, but if you want a precision wired mouse then you wont get any better than the G502 Hero. Priced down the lower end of the market, the G502 is the perfect gaming mouse for both beginners and more advanced gamers alike. The G502 Hero is currently available for around $88 and we strongly suggest you give it a chance.

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