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Nier Replicant Review

Developer: Toylogic

Publisher: Square Enix

Reviewed on: Xbox Series X

Also available on: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC

Release: 7th May 2021

The beautiful remaster of this cult classic game takes the best of the original games and remixes it for a Western audience that delivers an experience that teeters on remake/remaster that manages to improve on the original game in every way possible.

The combat system feels very similar to the Final Fantasy series with timed and a range of different attacks, it feels very similar to Nier Automata combining meelee and weapon combat with action RPG elements. The game is set on making sure you find the right blend of sword and magic rather than just furiously smashing the D pad to find what works (this was my experience)

It is also worth nothing that this time around you play as the brother rather than father. While this sibling element brings a different emotional resonance to the game, having a voice be present and be able to communicate the desperate search for family adds resonance to this game that could feel a little light. Upgrading your weapons is not as easy as other games, it costs quite a bit and requires a lot of time to be put into building up your cash to make it happen which can stretch out your play time quite a bit. Every weapon does have its own weapon story when you upgrade it. You can collect a lot of weapons and the game encourages multiple playthroughs so you can always get it on your next game.

Visually this game is absolutely stunning, the amount of love that has gone into this is clearly evident with the environments, characters and creatures all look spectacular. The game runs at a flawless 60 fps on the Xbox Series X with 1440p resolution. There weren’t any noticeable frame rate dips during my play through and having a monitor that can keep up is definitely worth your dollars with beautiful looking titles like this. Character designs are much better this time around and the environments look much more realistic.

So what is different from the original game? The Seafront is now host to a haunted shipwreck that adds some more detail to the Shades and delivers the most interesting boss battle. Emil & Kaine get some brand new scenes in this area, however the focus is on the shift on the main character and how this changes the relationships in the story.

The soundtrack is phenomenal. The tracks now feel more cinematic to match their brand new looking environments as opposed to the original games typical game soundtrack approach. Each boss battle has an incredible song set to it that really compliments and elevates the gameplay. The score is under the guise of Keiichi Okabe who guides each track with precision to get the best tracks.

It is hard to believe that this game is 10 years old. There is a remaster that commands your attention. From enhancing the story and supporting it with breath taking visuals and a soundtrack that will stay with you long after you finish the game. Deciding to shift the main character in the game was a risky one, but it definitely pays off. The notable increase in the frame rate and HD remaster only enhances this beautiful experience. If you are sleeping on this game, don’t. These types of games aren’t usually my jam but I was won over in the first 2 hours.

Nier Replicant is the biggest surprise of 2021 so far.

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