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Outriders Weekend Server Woes Equals Free Rewards For Players

A Free Gun, Titanium and an ironic emote are headed your way in the proposed appreciation package.

In a Reddit post, The Outrider dev's have opened up about the issues that have plagued the game over the weekend, and would like to offer their thanks & an apology by way of an appreciation package. Full Details of the Outages here.

"We would like to thank each and every one of you. Beyond just saying it, however, we would like to confirm that we are working on a small "appreciation package" for our launch window players."

Unfortunately they do not have complete details for players at this time regarding timeframe, however they have broken down how this package is likely to be calculated for your account

All players who played between March 31st and April 11th (UTC timezones) are eligible. Any players outside the above window, but for whom we will have performed an automatic inventory wipe restoration are also eligible

Your highest levelled character will receive:

  • A level appropriate Legendary Weapon

  • A level appropriate amount of Titanium

  • The emote "Frustration", which is otherwise unobtainable at this moment in time. The irony here was not intentional but is fitting.

So if you were affected by this weekends issues, keep levelling! you might find your appreciation package aligns with your level at the time of the roll out, whenever that may be.


SummerSale Vertical.jpg
SummerSale Vertical.jpg
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