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Powerwave Pro Grip Controller Review - Nintendo Switch

Upgrade your gaming experience with the Powerwave Switch Pro Grip Controller! Designed for gamers who prefer a full-sized controller experience, the Pro Grip provides a larger and more comfortable controller layout.

The Pro Grip features full sized joysticks, precision d-pad, tactile buttons and pass through charging for long gaming sessions.

Easily slide your Switch screen into the Pro Grip and enhance your gameplay with the included turbo, six-axis gyroscope and dual motor vibration functions.


• Full size grips

• Six-axis gyroscope

• Dual Motor vibration

• Turbo

• Play and Charge

• Reduce hand fatigue

*Please note this product does not support NFC (for Amiibo), IR or HD rumble (required for some games).

The Powerwave Pro Grip Controller is, in my opinion, a must have accessory for any Nintendo switch owner. The normal joy-cons for the Nintendo Switch are a little too small for my adult male hands. The Pro Grip Controller absolutely alleviates that issue for me, the same way the pro controller does.

Unlike the pro controller, The Pro Grip still affords the Nintendo switch it’s tag of truly portable gaming. While I struggle to play the switch in handheld mode with the standard joy-cons, I usually find myself settling for this option (unless docked) due to the cumbersome nature of having to take my Nintendo Switch plus a separate Pro Controller - well those days are gone. The thumbsticks feel solid, as does the pressing of every single button on this thing. The design is sleek and adds a real nice hand feel without adding too much bulk.

I feel like the design of this Pro Grip adds a considerable amount of strengthening to the Nintendo Switch. The plate across the back of the console really allows for the controllers to feel firm and secure, rather than slightly flimsy like some other “pro controller grips” do.

Another thing I usually struggle with when playing the switch in handheld, is a lack of control or manoeuvrability, especially during intricate moments in games. The Pro Grip completely resolves this. With it’s smooth and solid thumbstick movements, intricate movement becomes mundane.

The only way in which I feel this grip could be improved, would be by adding some sort of built in powerbank. The fact that this grip is powered by the Switch console itself, means your battery drains quicker than normal. It does however, have a passthrough USB port, allowing for simultaneous use and charging.

My absolute favourite feature about the Pro Controller Grip is the Turbo button. The turbo button allows you to set any button on the controller to press repetitively while simply holding the button down. I used this in Animal Crossing to automatically farm resources etc. It was a massive improvement over constant button presses. Honestly, it made the game so much more enjoyable, so absolutely turn this on as soon as possible if you play games such as Animal Crossing.

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner and you like to play the Switch in handheld mode a lot, then I would absolutely consider getting this accessory. Cheaper than a pro controller, and with all the functionality of one, this is a must have for all switch owners in my opinion.

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