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PS5 – Preorder date Leaked?

Weve all known for a while that the PS5 is slated for release around Christmas 2020 alongside the Xbox X.

But now Twitter user @PSErebus - who previously correctly leaked "The Last of Us Part 2's" release date - may have cracked the code with the below tweet.

Now of course anything like this needs to be treated with a degree of scepticism as there have been many suggestions of incorrect release dates in the past.

But, perhaps @PSErebus simply knows something we dont with some sneaky Sony connection on the inside?

Either way, the PS5 announcement is looming and a March reveal seems likely for a November release to ensure the best possible result from Christmas console sales.

Will Sony run the big reveal event next month? Or do you think they're still planning a secret event in late Feburary?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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